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Originally Posted by Kirsty_Carnage View Post
I have noticed with all these EDF jets that the wheels are down! Don't they have retracts? I hate seeing jets flying dirty, kills it for me.
Jismail, nice paint job, very nice indeed.

Kirsty xx
The GWS 262 nose really isn't factory designed to accept retracts, but could easily be bashed in. GWS now has a steerable nose retract, about the same strength level as the "blue" main retracts they've had out for a while. They are heavier than the tiny GWS micro retracts, but not very abuse worthy. For mech, I'd probably use something like the smallest Robart nose retract, and a Great Planes .10 retracts for the mains.
I'd probably want to hear some good reports before I went to air retracts from HC. The retracts do make the jet much less of a floater with the added weight, however. To avoid the dirty look I'd probably just build light, avoid all gear, and hand launch.

In today's ARF only world, you won't see too many GWS 262s with retracts, since that actually involves work. I installed retracts in my GWS A4, and made quite a job out of it, to use a single micro retract servo. This is really the way to go, if you're trying to avoid tank building. Working out the linkage takes a bit of thought.
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