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Originally Posted by tommytorino View Post
..... hold the phone!

I thought the GWS 262 was an AWFUL flyer.... nearly impossible to hand launch and just a pitch chasing bucking bronco in the air....???

Someone straighten me out!

Tommy D
It's not easy to launch. My first (killed by BEC brownout) was heavy though. Took a few tosses to get going, and had damaged the thin plastic nose in the process. May have not been so bad if it was 8oz lighter, like most non-covered builds.

The plane was as easy to fly as any good docile trainer. Probably about the most relaxing EDF flight I've ever had. As you know Tommy, it's a shame so many morons give planes false bad reports. The CG needs to be further forward than these "bad reporters" have flown with. I've gone back and forth with those folks before, on how swept wings on models do not move the CG back as far as calculated. Not worth argueing anymore. They can crash, and I'll fly.

I didn't notice any horrible speed related pitch problems, but GWS probably could have even done better, if they had added a degree or so of downthrust to the nacelles. With none, it probably needs a bit more forward CG than otherwise necessary.
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