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Originally Posted by tommytorino View Post
Ok, so what does the extra $10 buy you on the NPS version <50 vs 40$>.

Might pick one of these up, but I'm afraid it will have to be hand launched.

Tommy D
The fans come in the NPS. The $40 version has no fans. I think it also has no landing gear wire bent, which for me is not a big issue. I usually end up bending my own, since theres are never bent to my likings.
I don't think handlauching will be a problem. Mine was just at that point of being a bit too heavy and underpowered. I had 4900kv Hacker Eseries in the EDF64 which were not well suited. Probably would have had more thrust with around 4000kv. I also had iron-on covering and and extensive reinforcements. If the plane had just a bit more thrust, and most importantly had been about 4oz lighter, it would have probably hand launched well.

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