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Default 1st time heli pilot

All I can say is that the MCX is tough and a heck of as lot of fun. I had never flown a heli before and in about 6 hours with the MCX and I was flying a friends CX pro. Granted not as well as he does but was doing ok and doing spot landings on a one foot circle, fast figure eights and skid taxi take offs and landings
I have read posts about the MCX being fragile and breaking parts but so far I have only broken the inner shaft blade yoke about 4 times in thwe first four hours and fixed it with epoxy and have broken nothing since. This is not to say I have not whacked the blades and bounced off walls and dropped from ceiling to floor a few times. I think it is pretty tough. It helps to chop the throttle when you are in trouble. It can take the fall.
I would reccomend anyone getting a MCX put some epoxy around and inside the inner shaft yoke where it splits to toughen it up for the for sure blade strikes. and it is obvious to me that this is probably the weakest link in this heli.
I have found that the battery charger batteries will last at least as many charges if not more than advertised and the heli lipo will last about 7 minutes.
All in all I think it is a heck of a little indoor heli.
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