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Default E-Flite Micro AS3Xtra 3D Beginner Well Close!

This is a 3D hardly beginner, but 3D early entry, for me YES!

Wow have they come along way, has built in stabilization, Expo built in. I'm having a blast with simply the DX5E basic transmitter. Has 3 selective settings for the computer transmitters really suggested.

Found the PicaSim a simulator for my iPad, only a few bucks and a steal has even 3D models, I used the indoor. Did help getting ready for the long throws necessary for 3D.

After several flights, blessed with zero winds lately, able to do a 20 second held 3D nose up hover. Yet to manage that on the Sim!

Caution tho light it won't handle a pavement crash as found out when it went into the sun, smack! Did crinkle the front but was fortunate as still fly ok.

Strongly suggest over the grass when possible for cushion on any misshaps.

Dozen flights, best 3D I've accomplished todate.

A resounding thumbs up.

Please after you've earned your wings, these arent for the raw beginner!
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