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Dave North
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Default Aileron Servo Trade-out

After flying for weeks now, I did have to make a change in the basic setup, but only one. In hover, the ailerons just didn't have enough correction to counter torque when the plane was sitting in its own vortex, so I swapped out the HE540 for an Eflite 7.5-gram servo to see if that would give enough more grunt to bring the plane back around.

Yup! Best to do this up front, as the one thing that's annoying to do using my approach is replacing the aileron servo... the Eflite has more torque than the HS-55 it resembles (and is lighter. And cheaper) so if you have to buy one, I suspect it's a better deal. Can't say how durable yet since it's only been on there for a few days.

Dave North
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