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Originally Posted by rcshirt View Post
the biggest factor to consider is can you get parts.
if your learning that is going to need replacements . so find your hobby shops and find what parts they carry first.

PLUS the wordt problem withe the RTF helis(other than the blade 400) is the radio system. The do fly them fine but are sensitive and allow verry little adjustments.
put them on a goo 6ch computer radio and most are fine.
The radio is an important factor, if you get an RTF it will come with a very cheap radio and to be honest you will not use it anymore after you get a new heli, or a bigger one cause you will need more setting to adjust that a good radio will help. So the best? ok, get an trex SA or XL, then a very good radio, servos and gyro and you will be happy that you can swap those eletric parts to a new one later. Just one investment first, then all is less.
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