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Originally Posted by Mysterious View Post
don't know how u can include trex in economy class... is it a better buy if u know u r serious on the hobby and plan to buy a good radio, then yes....

but economy, cheap repair & still decent to start with good part quality is BeltCP no doubt imho... and beltcp v2 comes with hh gyro...

a newbie on any CP heli is going to crash the heck out of it in year 1 unless u r a prodigy or spending a couple hours a day on a sim... and it doesn't take much of a crash to do damage to a CP.

I have the BeltCP v1 RTF, its a really nice beginner buy imho, solid quality, good for learning, etc
I include the Trex cause of the reasons stated above by Crash9 and myself. There is nothing wrong with the Belt CP but it isn't as good as a Trex. If you want to fly 3-D the Trex will smoke the Belt CP. I think the basic Trex kit is only about $100.00 these days. Besides after a couple of crashes with the Belt CP you could of bought the Trex. I taught myself to fly Helis last winter, 6 months of sim time prepaired me for the real thing. When I started flying the Rex it was actually easer than flying on the sim. Of course the pucker factor isn't there when you fly on the sim. I have only had 2 real crashes in about 150 flights on my Trex 450SE. The Trex ROCKS THE HOUSE!!

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