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Default HK 450

Dennis H
That helli you said is a surefire winner in my book, i got two of those hovering in the back yard ( about 40ft square).
I started with just the radio ( JRx388S ) and some 2200Ma LiPo battery's that were on hand, so had to basically order the whole setup, all up cost was around $140 AUD each.
My only real concern were the blades ( cheap nasty looking BUT worked )
so i got some $6 FG blades included in another order, they are much smoother that the originals.
I am just at the hovering stage, and will be trying forward flight and laps as soon as the weather lets up a bit, so there will be crashes involved I am sure. To that end after looking at the cost of replacment parts, i just ordered two more kits at $35 bucks its a whole helli repair kit.

A club member showed me a sim he got the other day at $26 "with a USB cable" so it works with my JR TX ( yah we pluged mine in ) my one is on the way i hope, so maybe i can reduce my down time due to repairs a bit with practice on the sim.

Back to the HK450 i could not be any happier with my limited experiance, other than to say that if you are a beginner at helli's then get some help in setting your's up, and set the travel limit on your radio to give you zero to neg 1 degree pitch at low throttle ( this will save you a tailboom strike on a heavy setdown ) experiance talking there ( it was heading to the shed backwards at a rate of knots) blade holder/feather shaft bent 60 degrees/flybar bent "repairable" new blades/tailboom had a 10mm hole in it " repairable", all in all a minor accident.

Happy camper about the HK450

Cheers TBBW
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