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Well, I am a newbie so I'll throw in my two cents.

My first heli experience was with a raptor g2 by exceed... what a mistake that was. Heli was junk and needed lots of upgrades just to get off the ground. I junked that one in the back of my closet somewhere. Then I got a Honeybee FP. That was a great learning tool. When I decided it was time again for a CP I went witht he belt cp v2.

Things to keep in mind with the V2:

a. you will not find parts at your local hobby shop. I buy all my parts online. I receive them within 4-5 days so it's not bad and there are not hobby shops in my area so it works out well. The parts are cheap, stick with the plastic avoid the CNC upgrades until you no lnoger crash every other flight.

b. you will not get the performance of a Trex but it will do basic 3d just fine. I loop, roll and invert my V2 w/ no problems.

c. you will want to upgrade your radio. you can buy an ARF kit and get a good radio to start, taht would save you money in the long run. However, the stock esky radio worked fine for me until I saved $$ between parts to upgrade to the DX6i.

Overall I am happy with my V2 for now.

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