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My suggestion is get a t-rex compatible clone ARF with a CNC head and tail and get good servos, RX, motor and ESC and (to start) a decent rate only gyro. Take the money you save and get a good 6ch TX. When you get good with that, upgrade the gyro to a dual rate. I'm building a Trex from parts and it is going to cost me less than a store bought one, however I could have done a clone for a lot less. I started the project a while before the cheap clones came out so it is a little late to turn back now. If I had it to do over again, I would get a clone. BTW I have Helimax 400 that is only 90% compatible with Align but cost half as much. Putting Align, Helimax and a bunch of "chinese clone" parts side by side with micrometers and maginifiers, I can't say that Align is any better "quality".
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