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Default Budget Coaxial cannot hover after crash

Santa brought me a nifty little 4 channel RTF helicopter, but my heli experience is pretty low, so I went out and grabbed a little indoor 3 channel coaxial to practice on.

Last night, I crashed it, and knocked off the dog bones that connect the flybar to the top blades. I reinstalled them, it looks good, and the system looks symemetrical, so it shouldn't matter if they're attached backwards.

Anyways, now, when I try to just start hovering, the heli will elevate a few inches, then it starts to drift backwards and towards it's right side. Half a second later it starts correcting, swerving forward heavily and rotating, then the blades strike.

Is there anything I can do to try to fix this? Any common problems that would cause such symptoms? It's a pretty cheap indoor flyer, but I'd like to get a bit more life out of it if possible.

I have a video uploading now... Link will be

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