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LFP what you call LIFE is more tolerant to over charge, but like any Lithium battery should not be fully charged or left in a fully charged state.

As for Storage Voltage is not going to work well with a LFP battery because the discharge curve is so FLAT. 3.3 volts to 3.2 volts is a 70% difference in SOC. Manufactures ship of LFP send them out at 60% SOC as measured with a Discharge Coulomb Counter. In other words a 100 AH battery has 40 AH removed for shipping and storage.

In the end 3.2 to 3.3 is range you want and only charge to 3.5 vpc for longest battery life. Charged to 3.5 vpc until saturated gets you to roughly 90% SOC, and never discharge more than 2.6 volts under load, or 3 volts open circuit. If you have a charged cell and inted to let it sit a while. Just discharge it a bit and not worry about voltage to much.

Fully charged to 100% will read 3.6 volts. At 3.4 volts is a quick ride to roughly 80 to 90% SOC. From 3.4 to 3.2 volts is a long ride down to 20% or so.
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