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Default AG-1 Agrivator

Made this last year from rolled up plans I ordered through the AMA plans service.
It's supposed to be a 1970s crop duster. The plans were for a Glow motor but I converted it to electric during the build.

Using a Power25 motor with a 4S2p 4000mah battery (2p because I needed all that weight up front, along with some lead).

Maiden flight was this past Saturday using a 12X6 APC prop. I was surprised considering the weight of this plane (around 6lbs) how quickly it left the ground. Winds were running over 10mph but this plane didn't even notice. I did have to keep the throttle up quite a ways to keep the speed up. Then again I had the wind helping one way and subtracting the other. Very, very smooth flying and slows down on landing great. (with a 10mph headwind you can land almost like a Harrier)

Nicked the prop on my 3rd landing so I going to try an 11X8 APC and remove 1oz from the nose and see what that does to it.
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