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Good looking model you found there Ray. Reminds me lots of my dear old Four Star 40 in layout - would it be around 60" span, by any chance? My 4* started out north of 6lbs with 20 nicad cells pulling around 30A - a little more power than you have, but not much, and she left a lot of folk who thought electrics couldn't actually fly thinking maybe they were wrong.

So you have built yourself a good sports model that should give you great flying for a long while. If you fancy a little improvement, there's still plenty of us around who have modified good flying glow models to equally well flying electrics and can recall how to alter frameworks. That 3/8" sheet tailplane would be right out the window for one

FWIW - my Four Star started with props barely larger than it would have flown on as a glow model - around 11". She ended up with a geared inrunner turning a 15 x 10 at a mere 7000RPM and was way better than with the small props, in all respects. Your model might be even more fun if you fit a larger motor, keep your 4S and use a larger prop / same sort of wattage / current at lower RPM.

There's a lot of good looking models in those magazine plans ranges.


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