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Well, things get a little complicated when changing voltages and thinking current. I'll try to make it a little simpler.

First, yes with a 1000kv motor, increasing the voltage increases motor speed, but the actual amount will vary. The motor will WANT to increase speed by 1000 rpm (per volt), but will lose some to heat and what have you. I wouldn't get too bogged down on that part right now.

Watts = volts X amps

A higher VOLTAGE setup is often used to REDUCE the AMPS required. If you look at the formula above, if you increase the voltage, you reduce the amps.

The esc amp rating has NOTHING to do with the amount of power your setup will draw. It is a MAXIMUM rating for the esc. Think of an electrical fuse. You can flow anything from zero up to the fuse limit with no problems. Exceed the maximum rating and bad things happen. Smaller esc's are usually used to save weight, room, and money.

Similar with the C rating of the battery pack. C rating x the battery capacity (in amp hours) = the number of amps the battery CAN provide at its maximum level. You can certainly use a higher C rating battery, but not a LOWER C rating.

A lot to learn for electrics!

Hope this helps you.

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