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Originally Posted by RCFlyer44 View Post
Thanks Chellie, so even if the ESC goes out the built in BEC will not work? And if I understand your thread on this I must disable the built in BEC before installing the BEC, correct? Wow this is getting more but I love learning about it and it is still 10 times better than carrying glow fuel around, cleaning the mess off the plane after every flight and finding proper storage for all the mess.
Its very easy Even a Cave Man can do it all you do is remove the red wire from the ESC control plug that goes to the Receiver, use a needle, lift up the locking tab, and pull the wire out, then tape it up so it does not short out anything, that eliminates the built in ESC-BEC, the BEC in most ESC is very very weak, even though it says its a 2 amp, (most better ESC are 3 amp), its not, the BEC in less expensive ESC is a Linear (Resistor Type) voltage regulator, and do not work very well, and get weaker with heat and higher cell counts, A UBEC, Universal Batteryis Eliminator Circuit, a Switching voltage regulator, its uses electronics to reduce the voltage and is stronger, also it not affected by heat from the ESC, because its seperate from it, Even if your ESC goes bad while flying, you still have electricity to everything, because the UBEC is run off the battery.

If you have a 4 channel receiver, you will need to use a Y Harness, plug the UBEC and the Plug from the ESC into the y harness, then into the Throttle Port on the Receiver. there your done
If you have a 6 channel Receiver, you can normally plug it into any unused receiver port.

You cant use the ESC BEC and a seperate UBEC at the same time, they will fight each other. the ESC-BEC has to be eliminated by disconnecting the red wire, then the UBEC Takes over. Hope that helps to clear things up a little, Take care, Chellie

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