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Originally Posted by Stevephoon View Post
Can you share some of the details?? We are looking at doing something with our grass field so EDFs can take off easier.

So... What is the geotextile you are using? How much are you using, what is the cost(s)? What type of ground prep did you do....

Basically, I know nothing and I have done no research yet... So if there is a manufacturer you are using with a web site with more info, that would help me.

We are using a 315 geotextile. Fortunately our ground is not bad as is, so we are scalping the grass as low as the mower will go, rolling and installing. Looks like this should work from feedback from other clubs. Links to the other clubs using geotex are on our website. indywestrc.org
Sourced the geotex from L & M Supply Company in Charleston, IN - great pricing. Feel free to PM me or contact me via email (I'm the webmaster of the clubs site - see the contact info page)
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