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Default The NOTAR.

I'm intrigued by this NOTAR, and I think it would be interesting to use on RC heli, assuming it would be a scale heli, not a stunt heli. After looking at the MD helicopter site and vid, I am filled with confusion. What I understand is that the slits in the right side of the fuse allow for the Coanda effect, allow flow from the rotors to 'stick' to the boom longer on the right side than the left side, as well as increasing airflow/ decreasing pressure. This creates an airfoil like a wing, in which the faster moving air losses pressure and the higher pressure air on the opposite side pushes against the the airfoil, allowing lift (This is the Bernoulli effect, but this is not the only aspect to lift in an airfoil though). I am guessing the NOTAR relies more on this than a plane's wings. What doesn't make sense is that the rotors rotate CCW, and would cause the heli to yaw CCW without counter torque. Looking at the NOTAR, wouldn't the lower pressure air on the left side of the boom actually "push" the boom and join the torque from the rotors, rather than go against it?

Hopefully someone can explain this.
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