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The concept and design has been around since the 1940' least three different companies have tried since the 1960's to get it accepted into main stream use. The U.S military played with it in the desert. Sand, dust (maintenance), lack of decent cargo (load) capacity and fuel economy became major obstacles......

MD is the latest manufacture, once again, marketing it to local law enforcement, media services and Euro based outfits....even China has looked at it......

In the late 70's up to the early 1990's, a few local California coastal communities law enforcements had a few in service......not any longer. At over $1,000,000.00 a pop and a maintenance budget to match, it was not a cost effective product.

As a scale hobby model......the technology is impractical due to serveral complicated issues.......the power source(s) required to operate both a small turbine and maingear head assembly, would out "weight" it's efficiency. Run times and agility would be poor, even if it were designed as a 600 or larger.......let alone the enormous number of service hours being spent keeping it tuned and would have to be electric, as a gasser it would be a nightmare to maintain.

I know of no retail hobby manufacter who has succesfully built and sold a Notar designed craft (to date).............except maybe a coaxial, which is essentially a no tail rotor heli craft........


I stand corrected.....Vario makes one:

And its a gasser........
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