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Wonder if it would be possible to have an df setup to just hold the tail and use the end area for control, rather than a variable pitch. The end area would compensate through gyros. Perhaps standard setup with a torque tube elimating at an df, of which carries air like the NOTAR through the boom. this wouldnt have the crackwhip tail authority of standard rc helis, but basic flight would work (I gather such a setup can't do inverted well). I read about the Vario but couldn't find a link.

What I don't understand is the physics. If the rotor turns ccw, it would cause the whole heli to yaw left without anti torque. Say you put the heli on its left side, orienting the boom like a wing. The "top" redirects the air, speeding it up and allowing air to conform to the boom longer. This becomes the top of the wing. The "bottom" is like the bottom of the wing, slower and high pressure air, thus creating lift. Now orient the heli normally...isn't this left applied on the left side of boom, thus "pushing" the boom ccw?
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