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Talking The CAT

The CAT isn't scared of the mCX anymore.

The CAT is now jumping up to try and snatch the mCX out of the air, got it once already. SWAT!!! and it came crashing down.

That flybar mod works great, everything snaps apart on a hard crash.

I also have the Losi Baja Desert Micro Truck that I chase the cat with when I'm not terrorizing him with the mCX. The Baja is about the same size as the mCX. I wonder... could you make a Baja mCX, kindof a James Bond flying car. It'd probably take a full size CX2 to even begin to lift the Baja. Hmmm... there's a new CX3 coming out soon.

See, indoor flying can be a lot of FUN!
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