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This competition sounds pretty cool, wish I could make it (maybe in 2008 ).

That 24oz AUW Maximum might be a tad bit low for Trex's, that works out to 682gr limit, where "most" Trex's come out to more like 750gr. The only ones I've seen that are under 680gr are either all plastic (old CDE or HDE), aftermarket frames, or odd size battery packs. The Trex450SE v2 is pretty much eliminated from competing in it's factory form because of not just weight, but also because it's 430XL will exceed the 300W limit as well (I suppose people could regear, lower their pitch range, and/or back off motor timing to limit themselves down in peak draw though).

It is possible to make lightweight Trex's that could compete within those rules (Lighter lower power motor, smaller battery packs, light tail servo, light gyro, custom frames etc, not all of those needed at once to make the 24oz cut), but it would take quite a bit of effort for many.

Here's a few posts that are relevant to the weight:
http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/poll....ts&pollid=2206 (a small poll on weight)
http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=396707 (thread on AUW's of peoples Trex's, note most have struggled to get down to around 690gr, some have gotten lighter but they are without exception either plastic, exotic frames, or lighter than normal battery packs)

Looking forward to seeing vids of the competition though.

It is funny though, my favorite microheli (4cell Maxir SE) would have to compete in the mini-class by 0.4". My Maxir is 24.4" rotor diameter, and over 200W if I don't turn down the pitch range, otherwise it fits in micro and is considered a micro by everyone mostly because of it's 362gr AUW (it's basically equivalent to a stretched Hornet running 280mm blades ).

I wouldn't be too worried about the watt limits if I could compete in micro class as I have an eagletree micropower to check with, but many people don't have tools such as that (and reading with a wattmeter is difficult with a heli). Could I ask how tech inspection is going to work to enforce the power limit?


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