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Beginners New to e-power flying? Get the low down in here from experienced e-power RC pilots!

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Default Gyro's? What do they do, how do they work?

Hi every one I have a question about Gyro's.

I have seen a video on you tube with an RC Airplane that had some type of Gyro on it, and the guy was talking about how when he turns it on it makes the airplane stable and a little easyer to fly...

Can some one explain to me what a Gyro does and how it affects the flight of the airplane and would it be easier to fly an airplane with a Gyro for a newb?

Thank you..
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Some clue on the gryo...as trainers are very stable, gyro isn't at all necessary, but my current Pusher Jet with stubby wings, gyro helps loads on leveling the wings during flight and greatly appreciated...

I do have a current sport flyer with a gyro, its the Thunderbat, rather faster delta shaped plane with ailerons for control, but it does have a gyro that assists on keeping the wings level, if one side drops the auto gyro responds with minimal input to righten things, this paticular model has rather stubby wings and flys quickly, gyro makes life a little easier on flying this one, still requires lots of correct stick input to fly, but the gyro seems to help keep the wing tips level, note no gyro for the elevator up or down, but its much more predictable on these inputs during flight so gyro is not required for the elevator...use them also for helicopters, let someone else explain there, gyro is added again for stability inflight when needed for certain models...<>..

I'm rather excited about the Thunderbat, is not the beginner plane at all, tho more of an introductory for flying the pusher jets with rear prop for thrust, is abit speedie compared to the trainers, certainly been a fun ride and great experience for me at my current skill level for flying, I'm ecstatic that I'm able to pull this one off, my other jet attempts plummeted quickly to the turf, hi hi...give this puppie all stars BEST ...<>..

A nice review on the Thunderbat with gyro, it really helps on the landings as been a handul there for me, gyro takes over assists on keeping things level, however pilot still must maintain correct flight speed to pull it off, nice videos as well, I love mine, for your 4th plane after mastering ailerons as again its abit fast inflight..<>..I simply love it...3 dozen flights of ecstasy, and a sigh of relief as it lands, hi hi<>...


Yep, gyro works, but you still have to fly it with correct stick inputs...

Quick addition, you still have to keep flying example the Thunderbat even with gyro assist, my brief flights on this model the landings are not forgiving, you must have correct flight speed with throttle for it to come in right, it drops quickly compared to a trainer, find if I come in abit hot (fast) it responds better and the gyro kicks in just at touchdown keeping the wing tips level, the flare is extremely brief at right before the landing, gyro responds correctly here long as you keep things flying as then lands great....my faovorite method on landing is deadstick, meaning no throttle as she comes in, but must drop the nose for speed, then level at the right moments with the elevator, if done correctly will land on the money with the gyro taking over at the last moment on landing...BEST ..<>..

Current experineces with the gyro ailerons on the Thunderbat:

Last moments ago in from a frigid 5 degree temp but simply had to fly, I do not use gloves while flying this Thunderbat as need all the feel on the controls I can muster, this AM flight winds down to a breeze, sun coming up over the horizon, small soccer practive field, were off, went up easily near 90 degree launch with all this power, you touch the controls, or in for terrible overcontrol issues, response is immediate, I keep it close but some elevation for unwanted dives, while inflight most of the control is by the pilot, but during the landing gryo assist is welcome, again with lower throttle she drops quickly, loses airspeed to fly, so turn throttle off but at elevation drop the nose for airspeed to keep things flying and can actually hear the gyro kicking in from fast servo auto adjustments from the gyro, elevator mostly by my part, gyro keeps the tips level long as things keep flying then its easy does it slowing down with nose leveling upward, keep some speed and the gyro certainly aids on a nice landing, gyro doesn't do it all by a long shot but any needed corrections on its part are very welcome...after the flight adrenalin slowed and noticed my hands starting to freeze, but not during the flight, battery was luke warm, fantastic...
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Old 12-04-2008, 09:42 PM   #3
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As gyros are more common regarding rc helicopters, here's some nice info for you, remember even then some input by the pilot is still required, gyros assist and certainly work, but still requires some skill by the pilot...<>..


I'm far from any authority on gyros, but my limited use example on entry rc helicopters and now the Delta Thunderbat jet pusher, gyros simply aid flying for a paticular model thats flight handling needs improvement, I noticed on the Thunderbat the elevator responds very predictalbe, so gyro is not used there, but the Thuderbats rather stubby wings are improved with the gyro assist and defintely for the landing, nice addition for helping the newcomer fly this one...<>..

Trainer planes are very stable, gyro is not necessary here, so gyros are not the solution for the newbie..<>.

On one of your questions will a gyro help a newbie, not exactly, the abudant trainers out there fly very well and are super stable, when trimmed correctly nearly fly by themselves, reason its so important to have a veteran rc pilot preset your new trainer plane prior to maiden flight...its enough to handle at the start, so much to learn, but if your patient, find its an increadible hobby...BEST ..<>.
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