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Phoenix 2000

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I will check the ESC. Thanks FishBonez
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Hopefully I will be doing a maiden tomorrow for my friendly neighbour.
I have spent most of the last 2 days building his P2K for him. So now we have one each.
He is a 'full size' pilot but hasn't flown RC so I have some teaching to do.
A number of mods have been carried out so we are not expecting any problems at all.
Hardest part was programming his 9X for 2 stage flaps but all working OK now.
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I just did the maiden on my PHX 2000 today up in the hills by Perth Scotland. I have had the help of a great sailplane pilot in setup of both the airframe and the Taranis tx. Watching it catch the wind coming up the slope and then sinking and then finding a thermal was awesome. I didn't really notice any of the tip stalling tendencies with it and found it very manageable for a rookie like myself. It was my first time flying a sailplane setup on the transmitter and was amazed at how it came in full crow on the throttle stick and landed at my feet. What a great day!!!

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A pic of me and John with our P2Ks. John has picked it up well and is also flying other planes now.

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Interesting to note.

I have now run several different motors in this P2K and have settled on the Turnigy 3542. Now this is quite a heavy motor (148 grams from memory) but boy, does it zoom to height.
I have used Dynam motors, Original Radian motor, KEDA motors and Turnigy.

I Returned to the KEDA motor eventually as it is lighter and I am now using 1300 mAh batteries.
I also fitted it with a Radian wing and am totally satisfied with the performance now. The Radian wing has spoilers fitted so it makes it a lot easier to land.

Another fact.

I don't expect it to last too long, but, I am using the 30 Amp E-Flite ESC and this motor draws 31 + Amps at full power.
Maybe it is because my motor runs are so short that it has survived. It only takes 20 seconds to get to legal height. (shall we say)
I run a seperate BEC for everything else including lights, Altimeter, VFAS etc, so, if it does cark itself I will still have control at least. Just so long as it doesn't start burning. The ESC is still functioning perfectly after all this time.
Contrary to some other experiences with this glider, I am more than satisfied with it, as is my flying buddy with his. These things get a flogging and still look as good as the day we bought them. They are tough.
They are not hard to assemble or dis-assemble at all. No more than any other glider I have owned. Besides that they are excellent value for money and if the worst happens, parts are available for them.

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Originally Posted by Fishbonez View Post
Ok I have decided that I no longer like this plane and do not recommend it to anyone her is why of course this is only one mans opinion and you can take it for what it is worth.

First of all let me point out the what I think is good about the model.
1. Fuselage is tough and sturdy (imean its a type of plastic. You cant break it)
2. The ESC. Contrary to what others have said in the past I never had any problem with the ESC burning up or anything similar to what has been said. Just fine in my opinion.
3. the motor and blades. Put simply as often as this plane has crashed. Into trees, darted into the ground and like today came straight down from 1000 feet at probably 50+ MPH. The motor has always functioned, blades in tact and never had to use the spare blades that came with the model.

Now lets talk about why I think this plane is bad
1. Transportable not in the least bit. The wing is just to long. You can remove it from the fuse but the wing can not be split. I drive a truck with a 6 foot bed and it just barely fits length wise. If you leave the model assembled .
its pretty much the only model you are going to take safely. When I get to the flying field can take up to 15-20 mins to get this bird ready to fly. For an electric pilot that flies in an area where the weather changes at a drop of a hat. This is a lot of time wasted.
2. This model stalls very easily and the only way to pull out of stall, that I am aware of, is with a lot of power and in my opinion the power and the elevator is not enough to pull out. An example I would use is the plane was at approximately 1000 feet when she stalled. Unsure if it was a tip stall or what a stall none the less. She went straight down and with full power and no elevator to pull up with well you can guess what happened. (admittedly might be pilot skill)
3. This plane does not handle wind well, yep I said it, again some I am sure is pilot skills however in 15-20mph winds she is tossed around like a rag doll in a tornado. Requires plenty of adjustment just to keep this plane from stalling. In theory this plane should love the wind a glider right. Well in my opinion it stinks in comparison to other gliders I have seen.

All in all if you want a glider that requires constant attention from the moment you leave your home to the time when you return. Then this plane is for you. Me I have spent more time adjusting repairing and trying again then I have had flying/soaring it or gliding it. If you are in the market for a glider as a beginner or intermediate glider pilot in my opinion this is not the glider for you. I will attempt and will fix this plane again and it will fly again but I am definitely in no hurry to make it happen and I will constantly be reminded of the money and time wasted wishing I had made a better choice of models.
Why don't you have a look at the Phoenix 1600 thread, seems it's easier to fly, and enjoys flying in windy conditions.

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