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Top Flite Giant Scale F4U Corsair

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Don't get discouraged everthing has pro's and cons. Gas/glow is messy and smelly. Large electrics are expensive. So it is what it is.

I don't run anything that large. 8s is my max to date. Most of my bigger stuff is 4-6s as that is the stuff that fits in my car nicely.

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Ok,, thanks for giving me back my courage to proceed! The other biggest I have is an E-flite Power 160, running on an HK 100 amp esc. I used to use just two 4s packs, but have stuffed a 6s and 4s in for 10s! Oh, it is in a CMP Cessna 182, 83 inch wingspan. It has been running great except for one little glitch. The other day, I took off , and had a 120HK esc,, and the prop nut was loose,, when the prop slipped and the motor was wide open with no load,, I think it over sped, faster than the esc could compensate, and fried the esc! I barely made it back to the runway with no damage,,, Scared the crxx out of me! But is working fine on the 100 amp esc now. My other two favorite planes, are a Hanger 9 corsair and spitfire 60 size. Both running on 100 amp HK ESCs . The spit has an e-flite power 90, and the corsair an HK 270 rpm/volt, 120 size motor,, The spit with the higher kv motor really screams! It is my fastest, and best flying plane, but, I enjoy the corsair more. If it just did not have those crappy H-9 retracts! I am building, er, assembling a TF bonanza kit I bought at a swap meet, the guy has done a super job building, and I am just putting it together, installing the motor and electronics,, not much to do really,,, It looks beautiful, and will have a Eflite power 110, running either 9s or 8s,, 8s will probably be enough.. And then I have this 90 inch A-26 ARF I need to get around to someday,, twin HK sixty size motors too,,, Wife doesn't know I have that yet,,,,

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Default Finished and flew 3 test flights!

Finally got the TF Giant scale corsair in the air! Finally got my Castle 160HV ICE2 back from castle, and ground tested it. Then went to the field and tried it out. The first flight was around 3 1/2 minutes. It took off great, and had only a slight roll to the right. The landing was not great, but still in one piece. Had to land without flaps, as it pitched down when deployed. Found out I had to adjust the elevator to not move as the flaps are moved down. Finally got about 5 minutes on the third flight, and should have had about one more minute without over taxing the batteries. I am using two 6 cell 30C 5800 mah Zippy's in series from Hobby King. I may order a couple of the 6000 mah nano techs. AUW is currently 27 lbs. So far I haven't had to add any weight to the nose. I still need to do the finish work now that it flies. I wish I could do the detail work like you guys do. At least it flew!!

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Originally Posted by rea59 View Post
OK guys, I'm here
I know it's been a while ...... been concentrating on my flying and building (ARF's mostly and a scratch built 55" ws ), hoping to get back to the corsair in a couple of days. Yea it's still on the bench and I need the space for a nice crop duster I want to build. :-) At least I'm landing more than crashing now he he but I know my skills are not up to the corsair .....yet, so the build is not really 'pressing'. Been flying mostly in the 6 to 8lb range and having fun with it. Still though I'm itching to get back to it.
Dear Rea59,

This is the last post I can find on your TF Corsair build. Is there a continuation somewhere?

Thanks in advance...
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Hi Hemlock... I was also wondering what happened to Rea59. I got 4 good flights on my TF Corsair, and am back on the bench to do the "finish work". So far I have just rewired the switch compartment. I have put on all the new 6mm connectors on the batteries and now have those on the esc. These have connector plugs like the 4mm plugs, so the ends cannot touch. I have been flying so much that I haven't really been able to get motivated to get moving. I have been trying to find where to get the best pics to use in locating the panel lines and rivets. It won't be all that great looking, as I am not a master builder, but I want to see how good a job I can do. I hope I can keep the weight below 28 lbs, as I am currently at 27 lbs. I don't know if I said or not, but the Rimfire 65cc (equivalent) motor and the CC 160 ESC provided plenty of power. You just have to keep up the landing speed to make a good landing. Don't worry about over running the end of the runway. That is where I make my mistakes on landing. Hope Rea59 gets back to his build. I would like to see how a really good build turns out......
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