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Needing Perspective

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Post Needing Perspective

Hey guy (or gals),

I feel the need to post and ask for advice and perspective from long-term fliers on my feelings and experiences surrounding a number of things as a new comer to the RC flight world. I am sorry this post is long, but thank anyone who takes the time to read it.

So, I am an all or nothing type of person who has always known that when I got into RC flight I would be hooked. It has always interested me, makes up some of my youngest formational memories, and has always been one of those things I knew I would do. Prior to getting into it, I have been mainly on Sims, and over the years across multiple platforms have amassed about 3,000Hrs flight time in them, As such, though not a pilot, and though not into RC, I have a decent background on flight.

A bit over two months ago (5/28) I made an impulse buy at a local hobby store (with the girlfriends support no less) and got my first RC plane. A simple but wonderful Sport Cub S.

Let me tell ya about a work-horse...

2 months old and approaching 120hrs active flight time (yes, in the air).

I love my Cub. It is my first and I will never part with it. Its not the fastest, nor the most responsive, but I have her tuned and can regularly fly in 10+MPH winds with gusts into the teens. At this point I know that plane like the back of my hand, and have more than once impressed my local flying fiends who will fear the wind with 1m+ wingspans while I soar with 24 inches...

But here we start finding some of the issues, and some of my need for perspective...

__________________________________________________ _________________________________

First the perspective part. My cub was cheap (within reason), but it was still 130 bucks... To me I cant imagine spending over 100 bucks on something and not using it on a near daily basis. It just inst worth spending that much on things I wont use a minimum of a few times a week, and that more or less applies to anything I own. As such, I kinda thought the normal thing to do was to actually fly your planes, regularly. Not once a week for a flight or two.... But what I have found is that most people are only flying once or twice a week...

Which brings me to the next part of needing perspective, those few flights a week? They seem for most to only be a few batteries worth. Maybe two or three. That works out to 20-45 minutes depending on flying styles for most people. And that's their daily? And only once or twice a week?

By comparison I feel like this has been a very slow week for me, I have only spent 2 days at the field when I normally do 4-5 days a week (I will often drop by after work). Between the two trips this week I have 6 hours flight time on a single 1S plane... I plan within a couple months to have 5 planes ranging from 1S to 4S and have already worked out the order I have to fly them in so that I can head out and be up for 12 hours non-stop with the only breaks being battery/plane changes and when I want to stop flying.

^^THAT^^ is what I think of when I think of serious fliers, and its what I remember seeing at flight fields back in the day from the old guys who would spend their days tinkering and flying... I know not all people are like this, but I figured that with the high price of the hobby and the niche interest it presents that at least a quarter of half of the people in the hobby would be similar in their dedication and flight time.

But it seems that out of the 20 or so fliers I have met in person, its no where near the normal. So much so that I am starting to feel like the odd one out, simply because I am always there flying.

Which brings me to the last portion of perspective... Flight time of the planes.

It seems most people consider a plane “well used” once it has 15-20 flights and/or hours on it (depending on person it seems)... To me that would be way too little. From the Sim side I would think that at 20 hours flight time one is just starting to get to know their plane. They are just getting to the point where they know it well enough to push it and enjoy the next 80 or so, having allot of fun without fear and with confidence only able to be built through those 20 hours of experience on that flight model. Once you cross 100 hrs you know a plane well enough that you can fly it how ever you want and always enjoy it, and perhaps you might feel the need to get more...

So, for perspectives sake, what is normal when it comes to a “dedicated” flier? Am I just going full bore into something most tip toe into? Is it normal for people to have hundreds of dollars (or even thousands) in planes that only see skies a few times a month at best?... If so why? Why is it that I seem to be one of the only ones in my local group looking to be up so often? Is it indeed the norm for most people to only put 20 hours on a plane and then move on, and if so how do any of them master any one unit?

__________________________________________________ _________________________________

And now we move from the personal perspective issues and into the technical ones...

Brushed Motors... Now I want to be clear, I fully understand how they work and that they always die. I know about proper care of them, breaking them in, avoiding heat, letting them cool, etc. All motors have gotten a break in run of 5 min low throttle, followed by two flights with my weakest batteries on low throttle (25c,150mAH) and I give 10-15 minutes between most flights, with a bare minimum cool down of 5. I have done RC cars and other electronics work with DC motors and know most of what I would think is needed (but am always interested in learning more). I still cant seem to figure out what I can reasonably expect from the crappy DC motors HH uses for this cub...

First motor got me ~60hrs flight time...
Second one was rubbing on the magnets and gave me ~2hrs sluggish time before (free) replacement.
Third one gave me 30hrs
Fourth one gave me 15hrs
Fifth one has given 6hrs (over two flight days) so far and is already showing imminent failure.
Sixth is waiting install...

Now don't get me wrong, if all of them had performed like the first one I would be happy... Heck, even if every single one had made it to 30 hours and then died before 40 I would be happy, as I would think that they are quality made and reliable...

But what I have seen is that they are decidedly not quality or reliable. I told myself “Thats OK” as there are always third party replacement options for things like this... So I went to horizon and asked them for the detailed specs I would need to match, specifically I wanted to know the kv rating of the motor and the Amp (or likely mA) rating of the ESC circuitry. This is the info I was told I would need to seek quality third party options.

Only issue is, after being sent up the chain at HH tech support, I have (in writing) that they claim they have no technical knowledge (even at the supervisory level) of the components making up the ESC system (that they designed). They further explained that they don't even know the info for the motor because they just get shipped a bunch of random ones and try them out with a new plane then purchase a bunch of what works (and that they don't bother asking for details)... I kid you not, that is the level of R&D they put in (or so they told me via email)...

This is coming form the technical department of a brand that is often touted as high quality and reputable... But they claim they cannot do anything about the shoddy reliability of their motors, nor can they provide me even the most basic info on the plane they designed...

So, on the technical side:

Whats up with HH?
What are the third party options for the SC-S Brushed?
What is the average lifespan of a quality brushed motor this size? As I have seen anywhere from 2-60hrs...
Is it normal to have this level of inconsistency on UMX gear (I ask as I am specifically interested in UMX planes that stick to 1S batteries, but it seems long term reviewers are posting similar issues with inconsistent replacement parts quality for planes such as the T28 and PT-17 as well).

Again, sorry it is so long, but I thank anyone who has read this and can offer advice!

(Happy Side Note – Plane 2 has already been added to the hangar, a beautiful Timber X, which will hopefully see a 4S maiden this up-coming weekend!)
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WOW Quite a write up Brush motors are OK but just OK, Now, get away from them They are way way under powered, I started too with brush motors, and got away from them as soon as I seen how much more powerful Brushless motors are for the same weight and size.
Use turnigy brushless ESC, get a Watt Meter, its a must have with brushless systems, use a lipo that is at least a 40C rated battery, dont store lipo batteries fully charged, or they might puff on you, use a brushless motor with a 1000kv, 1000kv will work well with a 3 or 4 cell lipo, depending on the prop size, use a ESC that at least 20% larger than what you need, it will stay cooler and last longer, a 2830 size 1000kv motor will work great on most smaller planes with a 7x6 prop. Hextronic makes a great servo for small to med size planes. use at least a 1300mah lipo for smaller planes, and 1800 to 2200mah lipo for medium size planes. use a balance battery charger, this is a must, and charge lipo batteries in a clay pot or some place where if the battery catches fire, it wont do any damage, THIS IS A MUST, to many people have burnt there home or garages down because they were not carefull when charging lipos.
That should get you Going Take care and have fun, Chellie
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