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Can I gut a F27C to complete a Multiplex Easy Star to learn on?

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Default Can I gut a F27C to complete a Multiplex Easy Star to learn on?

Hi guys,

Firstly, thank you very much for providing such a wonderful community for me to fall into as I'm sure this hobby will grab me and not let go of me for some time!

A few years ago I got a super cub, we flew it a few times, briefly (I believe large COG problems, and we didn't know what we were doing) before smashing it to pieces and giving up.

Fast forward a few years, and I'm getting back into the hobby.

I have:

* Realflight 4.5
* DX6i w/6200 Rx
* 2 x brand new F27C Strykers (PNP version)

I've read differing advice on here about how realistic it is for a newbie to jump straight into a F27C after a lot of simulator work. I am concluding it will be painful, and expensive, but it can be done.

What about cutting my teeth on a Multiplex Easy Star? It can be picked up cheap, but from what I can tell needs:

* Servo
* Battery

Are the parts from an F27C suitable for getting a Multiplex Easy Star going? Will they fit / are they powerful enough / too powerful?

I imagine easy star -> T28 -> F27C would be a better path, perhaps, I will play with the easy star for quite some time

Much appreciation for any advice.
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Where do you live? are there any RC clubs local to your area? It is possible to start out on a Stryker C but its pretty fast on the recommended 3cell battery. We chose to fly ours on a 2cell for the learning process and are now ready to cut loose with some 3s. back to the club deal... if you know where the group flys you can show up on a weekend and ask if someone would be interested in helping you get the plane in the air. A little real stick time to back up the simulator time and you should be fine. I still recommend starting off on a 2cell with the Stryker C (esc will need to be reprogramed for 2cell) and then moving up to the 3s.
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Possible, yes.
If you trashed your first Cub - unlikely.

The Cub relatively is pretty easy to fly. I could fly/land/loop/even upside down my Cub without problem when I got my Stryker B > that's the brushed/NiMh SLOW one.
It was WHUMP! within the first few minutes. Speed, and orientation are completely different.

Sims help, but they are not flying.
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post 2
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Oops, I deleted my original post. Try again.

Thanks guys for your comments. I do appreciate that flying in reality is very different from a sim, which is why I'm here asking these questions. I am near a club or two, and I will see what can be done there. Very exciting.

The cub - we didn't have a clue what we were doing, and I think we had COG way too far back. Not that we even knew what COG was or that we needed to think about.

Also worth mentioning, is that having a completed easy star will make a great trainer for friends to fly, and get them into the hobby as well. That would be very neat.


The stryker comes with:

* 3-cell 11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po battery pack
* E-flite 25A brushless ESC (
* PKZ1062 Servo Gear Set (3W & 5W) (
* PKZ1061 Mini Servo (3W) (

The easy star comes with (from

* Multiplex Permax Speed 400/6V electric motor
* Gunther 5" x 4.3" (diam. x pitch) Propeller

and the RTF Easy Star adds:

* Multiplex X-08 Speed Controller
* (2) Multiplex Tiny-S Servos (

This page ( recommends using the following:
* Motor: 200 watt 28mm Inrunner
* Speed Control: 17 - 27 amp
* Propeller: 5.5 x 4.5
* Battery: 3S 1600 - 2500mAh LiPo
* Servos: (2) HS-82HB or (2) HS-85BB
* Reciever: Mini 6S

What do you think? The ESC would seem to be compatible (?), the servos though - the stryker has long stalks and the ES appears to be needing round ones(?). Sorry, I don't know jack. But I'm trying!

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I am not quite sure where you're currently standing with equipment. I first thought you had a stryker, and was thinking about removing the "guts" and putting it in another plane, to learn to fly. I wouldn't recommend this. The Parkzone stuff tends not to move from one plane to another well.

When I read it again, I am left with the impression you have no planes at the moment, and are thinking about buying a stryker, and then removing the parts to complete another plane, still not something I would do.

Either way, this is what I would recommend. If you're looking at getting something, you can put in the air, and then let friends try flying, why not give one of these a go...

It's a "generic" version of the easy start, at a much lower price, and ready to fly, as soon as you put the wing on, and charge the battery.

Check out what Dave Powers has to say about it here...

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Hi flying monkey,

Currrently I have a DX6i, realflight, and 2 strykers. That's it.

I'm thinking I should buy an easy star. It's only like $100, and a RTF easy star is $300, but seeing as I have 2 strykers (I purchased 2 outright because parts are getting thin on the ground here in Australia), it would make sense to rip the servos, ESC and battery out of one stryker and use it to complete an easy star.

The wild hawk looks great! But I'm in Australia and they aren't being sold here, and shipping on large planes to Australia is... prohibitive. The wild hawk does look great though, thanks for the link and videos.
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I just called up a hobby shop and talked to them in detail about this, and have ordered an easy star.

To use the F27C ESC, I'll have to remove the standard easy star motor, and instead use the brushless F27C motor. Apparently it is exactly the same physical size as the one used in the easy star, and it will slot straight in. The servos will also work fine. They're shipping the largest prop that will fit, as the F27C prop is too large, apparently I'll lose some power but gain some speed (less torque more revs?).

I'm not sure if I'll need to strengthen the frame to cope with the extra torque/power, would welcome comments...

Very excited, and also that I'll have something friends can use...
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Default plane

If you have a Harbour freight nearby go check out this plane 94774-5VGA...not bad for the money...
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