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Back after a two year break....

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Default Back after a two year break....

Hey all,

So back in April 2008 I decided that it was time to go travelling before i never did... and planes don't appear to be backpack sized So my Easystar, Stryker and Osprey seaplane were hung from dad's office ceiling as static models, a cardboard box filled will all the bits and pieces that go with them marked 'Toys' was stuffed somewhere in their loft and... i wandered out the door

So, two years on, to the day in fact i return from various travels and shortly afterwards head to mum and dads and collect the above from various places

Things noted - all elastic bands have completely perished, the covering on the osprey which is a traditional balsa wing with solarfilm or similar has gone slack... but that's about it! Osprey took 10minutes of ironing to make flyable again, the other two just needed two years of dust carefully removing. My Futaba T6EXA Transmitter even remembered all my throw rates and trim settings for each model, which was nice of it

The biggest surprise to me was the two thunder power lipo packs... i hadn't intended to leave them behind and i had set up a buyer for them before i left, but then at the last moment he decided that the already bargain price was too high (figuring that i'd take whatever i could get for them with no other choice) and offered a _really_ low price. Refusing to give in to such bargaining tactics, i wrapped them in something soft in a fireproof metal box and put them in the cellar - which is cool but not cold really, certainly not damp. I fully expected them to be discharged completely/below 3v a cell and unusable when i got back but my Apache 2500 charger accepted them fine (i should have noted the voltages before charge really, for interests sake but i didn't) and they've both had 8 cycles so far and 'appear' fine. Yes, I was surprised.
They're both 3cell packs, one is a 2100mah and one a 1320mah.

Flying wise I was a tiny bit shaky to start with with the Stryker, the Easystar is so stable I couldn't really mess it up 2 packs in with the Stryker and i was back to throwing it all over the sky I flew the other two for a few packs before the Osprey, since it's not the most forgiving... but all fine too, have revisited the local lake for some water based fun

So what's new in the last two years then? I see Lipo batteries and brushless motors aren't out yet so i'm not that far behind...

The keyring cameras from ebay weren't around when i left, so i decided to invest and here is my first movie. Before watching, I make no apologies for the lack of sound track (in fact turn your speakers off - an electric motor on an easystar isn't that nice a sound) the massive editing jump at 57 secs in, nor the lack of any landing footage. This is the first ever movie i've edited!

The movie is... looking backwards along the bottom of my easystar with 'duckie' strapped in position ready for release. Duckie was a stocking filler present years ago, before i owned RC planes in fact, a small rubber duck on a parachute(No accounting for Santa's taste in stocking fillers!). Take off, some circling for height, the release of duckie and him disappearing nearly out of sight and then an abrupt end... i'll try harder with the editing next time


So... on with the fun What shall I tinker with next...

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Bugjam, nice to have you back.

That poor motor sounds like it's on it's last legs. No wonder Ducky bailed on you.
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Don Sims
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Welcome back! Hope you had some great adventures!
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Default Welcome Back!

Hello Bugjam, Welcome back!
Yes, there's been some developements over the past couple of years. Some may qualify as trends that existed when you left and have become more popular since. Others are brand new;
2.4 gHZ radios. These have been around a few years, but it's safe to say they've nearly taken over in certain applications. Airtronics, JR, Futaba Hitec and others all now have full-system packages featuring 2.4, and there are add-on components for most radios. Of course the originator, Spektrum, hasn't exactly been asleep the whole time, either. They offer a full line of Tx's and Rx's, incliding a "Starter" set of Tx + Rx for about $100.00. If you Google any of the brand names you'll find more info.
Indoor and Micro models. Here's where 2.4 really shines, a small flying area, crowded RF, small, lightweight components. Remember the Micro COX Warbirds? They're back, sold by Gravity Hobbies. Also, you can now buy RTF indoor and micro airplanes and Helis form several sources.
Speed. Slope gliders have reached and past the 400 MPH limit.
Adhesives. Gorilla Glue and similar products have become very popular, especially for foam building and repair.
Covering. There is now a foam-safe iron-on covering available from Asian inporters that is similar to EconoKote, but costs much less, about $4.00 per roll.
WIGGY is still flying, now in the USA. See the separate thread.
MINWAX WBPU has been used both as a topcoat and adhesive over both balsa and foam. Great stuff!
The F.A.I. World Championships for F5D (electric Pylon racing) and F5B (Hotliners) is being held here in the US, August 17-25 2010 at AMA HQ. field in Muncie, Indiana.
Two new motor brands in the "Mid" priced range have appeared, Pulso + Infiniti. Threads here. (Pulso) (Infiniti)
I'm sure there's been more developments, but it's a start!
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Thank Ron, that's a few things!

I've certainly noticed the 2.4Ghz radio trend,makes sense, especially for indoor like you say.

The increase in micro models availability in RTF format is pretty cool, the improvements in electronics and the use of lipo batteries making things viable. Strangely all my attempts to open the gravityhobbies website have failed with google claiming 'the requested webpage is not found on this server' which is a little odd... i am uk based, not some out of the way place!

Iron on foam covering sounds extremely useful!

One other thing i've noticed is the increased use of FPV video links making it possible to fly planes from the pilots point of view. These systems existed when i was last around, but they're certainly a lot cheaper now and judging from the massive increase in videos on youtube, it looks like the systems have come into a lot more peoples price range. Looks REALLY cool, but i think i'll hold off jumping on that ship for a while... chances are the quality will go up and the price will go down as technology improves....

on with the tinkering...
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