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Servo tabs for a twisty wing?

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Default Servo tabs for a twisty wing?

I've never flown a "twisty wing" slope glider. It's my understanding that a 'pitcheron' uses the twisty wings for both elevator and aileron function, and that a 'wingeron' uses the twisty wing for only aileron use.

In reading on forums I've learned that these gliders need powerful servos to twist the wings.

While digging through my big box of wrecked plane parts I got to looking at a glider wing half that had a servo mounted in it that operated the aileron, and I wondered if that aileron could instead be used as a 'servo tab' to twist the wing panel.

I'm thinking that someone must have tried doing it by now.
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Well I got to thinkin' and for it to work the servo has to be mounted in the fuselage, not the wing.

The servo needs to operate the tab in such a way that the tab moves back into the neutral position when the wing twists as much as the pilot wanted.
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The old Taube airplane had twisting wings, and the models I have seen used a strong servo in the fuselage, pulling and releasing steel cables. They ran out the wing to a post about at the spar with pulleys at top and bottom, then the cables went back to the trailing edge. Pull on the top cable and the trailing edge rises, and the leading edge dropped. Of course, the opposite thing happened on the other side.
As I understand that in the full-size plane, the wires connected to the joystick above and below the point of side-to-side rotation. The cables to the elevator worked the same way. probably the rudder was very similar.
I was never interested in building a Taube, so I didn't try to study it very well.
It would have to be a wing structure that will allow twisting around the spar. A full D tube wing would not work.
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