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motor comes on as soon as battery connected

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Default motor comes on as soon as battery connected

<Disregard, please. Turns out I'm an idiot. I was so concerned with connecting my red to red and my black to black, that I installed the esc backward. It's my little one"s bedtime, so I won't get back to it until tomorrow afternoon, but I'll post a follow-up at that time. Stupidity, electricity and motors don't mix...><disregard, please.="" it="" turns="" out="" i'm="" an="" idiot.="" i="" was="" so="" concerned="" with="" connecting="" my="" red="" to="" and="" black="" that="" wired="" the="" esc="" in="" backward.="" it's="" little="" one's="" bed="" time,="" won't="" be="" back="" until="" tomorrow="" afternoon,="" but="" i'll="" post="" a="" follow-up="" at="" time.="" stupidity,="" motors="" electricity="" really="" don't="" mix...=""></disregard,>

Short version:

I've been training myself on a GWS Slow Stick, and managed to burn out the esc. I ordered a replacement, which came in today. Hooked it up, plugged in the battery, and the motor immediately started at full power (scared the crap out of me)!

Long version:

If more details will help, here goes. I have the brushed GWS motor, and recommended GWS esc. The replacement ecs has the same specs (18 amp) but game with Dean's connectors, while the original came with bullets. I cut the new connectors off and soldered the new ones on. Made sure to solder red to red and black to black.

My radio is a Spektrum Dx6i, and my receiver is the 6 channel "orange" from Hobby King. I tried another identical receiver later, and got the same thing.

The only things I've tried to fix this is to reverse the throttle channel on the Dx6i, and I also reversed the connector from the esc to the receiver. I don't really know why I tried that last, but I was desperate for ideas. Still, full power as soon as the battery is connected.

Elevator and rudder (on the aileron channel) work exactly as expected.

I'm a complete noob in an extremely rural area, with no access to a club, hobby shop or mentor, but I've really been enjoying learning, and would really like to fly again soon. Any help or advise will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Sounds like a bad ESC. Most won't arm unless the throttle is moved to the lowest setting. Did you accidently connect the battery to the motor leads while you were swapping the connectors?
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Yep. I connected the esc backwards. Dang! Stupidity, motors and electricity don't mix!

It was my little one's bedtime when I realized what I'd done, so I won't be able to correct and test it until tomorrow evening, but I'll post a follow-up at that time.

Thanks a bunch!
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Originally Posted by RobWoodall View Post
Yep. I connected the esc backwards. Dang!
Dang is right. You burned out you new ESC. Switched polarity only takes a millisecond. Common mistake unfortunately.

Replacement - only because you want to get going again soon:

GWS ESC are pretty poor. You can ignore the NiXX vs lipo compatible issue. Neither of them have an LVC work a darn and IMO neither are actually lipo compatible. DO NOT fly to LVC....ever with GWS ESC or you risk ruining your lipo.
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Thanks, Flydiver, but I actually didn't reverse the polarity, I reversed the whole thing. Battery side attached to motor, motor side attached to battery. I reversed the connections after work today and it works just fine!
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Quick Reply: motor comes on as soon as battery connected

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