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Maxford Fiesler Storch 63"

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Default Maxford Fiesler Storch 63"

Just received the 63" Fiesler Storch from Maxford. Overall, it is a very nice kit but they CAed half of the CA hinges to the ailerons and flaps. This is a really dumb thing to do. Also, a couple of the CA hinges are buried too far into the aileron and I will have to dig them out and put in new ones.

Talked to Maxford and the only thing they offered is to have me send it back. Oh, I get to send it back, not them, because they think there is nothing wrong with the aircraft. Plus they don't have any replacements right now. The service guy thinks that half gluing the CA hinges is not a problem. I guess he knows nothing about CA hinges and the proper way to put them in. Well, I happen to know that the next shipment will NOT have half glued CA hinges. Mmmmm, not willing to state up front that they are fixing the problem. Had to tell him that I knew. Basically, anyone that ordered the old batch gets to suck up the mistake from the factory.

I asked if he would give me any consideration since I will have to pull two of the hinges. Also, this is just wrong and will not allow for proper gluing. He was willing to allow me ........ nothing!

I like the way the aircraft is setup but I will never buy from Maxford again. Anyone else that sends out a plane with problems will work with you or give you a little discount because of the problems. But with Maxford, nothing.

Also, I cannot believe that Maxford thinks half glued CA hinges is a properly produced aircraft. He said they are only changing it because some customers complained. Yeah, right! The CA does not wick properly into the second half. The rest of the entire industry knows that CA hinges are only put in all at once, but not Maxford. At least that is what their service rep says. Oh, yeah. I could pin all the hinges if I don't trust them. Of course I don't since they are not properly installed from the factory.

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looks like a fun plane.

in your defense...the manual and website doesn't mention that they are pre-installed:

Page 4 of manual says:

1. Insert the provided CA hinges into the precut aileron and flap hinge slots in the trailing edge of both wing panels; position each aileron’s and flap’s precut CA hinge slot onto their corresponding CA hinges.
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Default Hinges half-glued on mine too

Mine came with the CA hinges glued into one side as well. And yes, two of them were so deep that they didn't reach far enough into the other surface.

This was also a problem with a Greenmodel Thrush, sold by Maxford as the Pretty Glider - but it was worse on this one - the rudder was fully glued to the vertical stab. Since the joint is at an angle, this left no way to install the vertical stab - the rudder was in the way. Maxford sent an (unglued) replacement when I asked, and was very quick about it.

That said, the plane is a great flyer, as is my maxford Jenny. Looking forward to flying the Storch. That seems to be the pattern with Maxford - great engineering and design, nice materials on the airframe - but not much quality control on the final details. Also the hardware that came with the Thrush was junk - threads cut too shallow on control rods, brittle control horns that broke on the first flight.

Going forward, I'd still buy their products (especially because they pick really cool planes to model) but be prepared to replace the hardware and look very close at the plane as you put it together.

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Let us know how your flight goes. Mine is not so fun to fly. Also, be careful with the struts. The way they are currently setup they really only function as straight wires. Mine fell apart after three flights so I just glued them into a single piece.
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Default Maxford Fieseler Storch - Second "Maiden" - this time it's great!

A followup - I bought, and attempted to fly, this plane several years ago. At the time the landing gear made me pack it up - it was not tough enough for even the lightest landings. I'm a 25-year pilot, and can land very lightly, but the gear was just too flimsy. So it sat for a few years while I flew other stuff.

I planned on fabricating some beefier gear, and looked at Maxford's site to find tech info. I noticed that the landing gear in the pictures was different, and looked stronger. I wrote, and they confirmed - so I bought the new gear and mounted it. One modification - the short legs of the gear cannot compress with the springs when they're screwed to the fuselage as described. I cut the ends off and mounted them in brass tubes, so they can slide. I got the tube at the hardware store. Easy fix, and it works well (see picture.)

Yesterday was the "second maiden" - breezy day, maybe 8-10 mph. I was concerned about the battery, because this is a pretty big plane, and a 2200 pack seemed light. But it balanced when jammed all the way forward, with about 2 ounces in the cowl as well.

What can I say. It flies great! Smooth takeoff (with a fair amount of right rudder) and great climb even at 60% throttle. I cruise mostly at around 40 percent, and keep the flight scale-like, namely low-speed, gentle turns, and steep landings.

Yes, this thing sinks like a stone when you cut the throttle. Let it, use elevator to set it in a good attitude for landing, and feed in throttle as you approach the ground to stop the descent. That's how the full-scale plane is landed anyhow. It's a good technique overall, and will completely cure the flare/stall problem .

This is not a beginner's plane, and it requires a lot of rudder. Good throttle management will get you a solid 10 minute flight out of a 3S 2200 pack. It balloons like crazy with full throttle, just like the real thing. That's what you get when you fly scale planes from the 1930s - they're not neutral fliers, and require active hands. The same can be said of a Cub or a Pawnee - they look like trainers, and they're slow like trainers, but they've got their own ideas about how to make a turn.

The improved landing gear is plenty strong enough, and with the modification, is able to flex and bounce a little. I did NOT replace the stock carbon tube, and it appears to be fine for scale-like flying. If you want to do immelmans and loops, you might want to replace it, but this plane, like my other Maxford planes, flies well because it's built very light. Adding weight just doesn't seem like a good idea.

A word on the flaps - I tried them, and they work well if used in moderation - maybe 10 degrees droop in the back. It slows the plane noticeably, but also means that throttle management is even more important to manage your sink rate.

The first time I dropped the flaps to a full droop, front and back, I didn't like the flight characteristics - but I might experiment more later, after I replace the control rod. Why? Because on my second try, one front slat "tucked under" and wouldn't return. The control rod that comes with it is pretty flexible, and I guess the airspeed was sufficient to flex it. Amazingly, it still flew pretty well with the flap down on one side and not the other. But I don't use full flaps for the time being. If I fix the rod, I'll report on it.

I put 6 batteries through it, which adds up to 1+ hours in the air. By flight two, I had it dialed in, and it became relaxing. It's a nice flyer, and I look forward to a calm day. With all that detail, it's a lot of fun to just fly by low and slow. A mushy springtime grass field is no problem, and 8-10mph wind is actually fun. The folding wing is handy when I want to fit it in the car with another plane or two in there, otherwise I just leave it in place.
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