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Success...almost with PZ Spitfire

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Default Success...almost with PZ Spitfire

Well, after two weeks of waiting I finally got a chance to fly my PZ Spitfire. Everything was going good until for some reason my Spit lost control. I hand-launched the plane into the wind and after about 75-100 yards I lost control....the plane wouldn't respond to my actions on the R/C. I picked it up, hand-launched it again and it did the same thing. It did not crash or anything, it just glided down to the grass(thank god). I even did a check on its distance before the flight but I now know I didn't walk far enough when I did it. This is the second plane to do this to me, except the last one actually crashed before it happened. This one didn't. Anybody have any thoughts as to what happened? I am probably gonna call the manufacturer to see if something can be done, because the store I bought it from wouldn't do a swap since it had been used. However, I did buy another PZ warbird, the P-51, which was all they had. (I couldn't wait because this was the only day in two weeks that the wind was under 5 mph )
I did a range check on this one (walked a LOT farther) and it was functioning fine. I hand-launched it and it was perfect. BIG difference compared to flying the sky fly....I don't think I will fly the sky fly anymore after flying the PZ warbird lol. Some differences I noticed is that the ailerons and elevator were MUCH more sensitive and receptive compared to the sky fly. I didn't use the full function of the ailerons and elevator, but will probably try that next time. I had to cut the flight short because the wind started to pick up.....landed the plane perfectly in the field.
The only question I had was

1. Whether or not the propellor is suppose to be moving with no speed applied to the throttle? When I landed the plane, I flared just a tad bit and noticed that when I cut the throttle (before I flared) the propellor was still moving...is this normal? Does the propellor self-terminate after a certain amount of time? I got scared for a second because when the plane touched ground I think the grass stopped the propellor...but nothing was damaged.

2. What is the CG specifications for this plane? I looked all over the instruction manual but it wasn't listed. I noticed some red dots on the wings and body...I'm guessing these have something to do with it?

3. What are other people's experiences with the pz P-51? I didn't like the fact that it only had 2 screws securing the wing to the body of the aircraft, compared to the spitfire which has 3 screws. I'm worried that if the plastic intake (the part that you put over the body) sheers off during a landing, then the back part of the wing section will come loose with only the two front screws holding the wing to the body? Has this been a problem for anybody or am I concerning myself with something I shouldn't be worried about?

Anyways, thanks all for all of your insight...I've been reading all of your postings and got some advice from several people...that's what led me to purchase the PZ warbirds and have the success that I did!

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Default Spitfire Problems?

Hello Nick, I don't have the PZ Spirfire but may be able to help with a couple of your questions, hopefully those who have the plane may answer the rest.
The prop spinning after the throttle is closed is normal while the model still has airspeed. This is called "windmilling", the force of the air moving against the blades reacts against the pitch ("twist") of the blades. Most speed controllers have a setting called "Hard" brake or "soft" brake, the hard setting will stop (or nearly so) the windmilling, the soft setting won't. If the ESC doesn't have an adjustable brake, it's usually set for a soft stop and this is also the default setting for most adjustable ESCs.
If the center of gravity is unknown, a safe estimate for most models with a normal configuration (not flying wings, fully-swept wings, deltas, canards, etc) is about 28%-30% of the wing chord (width). That is, between 1/4 and 1/3rd back from the leading edge. Since the Spitfire has a 1/3rd-2/3rds elliptical wing, you can measure this at the point where the wing meets the fuselage, on both sides. Measure and make a mark on both sides and suspend the model upside-down. It should balance on the marks.
Hope this helps, anyone with more info please chime in!
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Old 03-25-2007, 12:47 AM
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Nick, your range problem sounds like a reciever antenna fault. First, did you remember to uncoil and extend the antenna? They are usually coiled up when delivered, and MUST be fully extended to work properly. If you did that, then I would suspect a bad connection at the point of attachment of the antenna to the RX. Look for a broken wire there, or a "cold" solder joint. You were extremely fortunate that the model simply glided to a landing when you lost control; I wish that happened in all cases, but that is not often the case!
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I picked up the PZ spitfire on Friday and have had a couple of nice flights.
Based on my experience with the spitfire i'll give the following answers!

1. Have noticed this also and i think Ron's answer is accurate my prop continues spinning but i believe it is actually a help with this model because i have a hard time slowing the thing down to land and i've read somewhere that having the prop spinning slowly makes it a more effective brake than if it is stopped completely!

2. i dont have the manual to hand, but mine certainly specifies where the COG is, i think it's 67mm from the wing leading edge for the stock nimh and 70mm if you replace the nimh with a lipo (might be the other way around, but it is definitely 67mm for one and 70mm for the other!)

3. not sure on this one, sounds different to the spitfire

watched a video of the p-51 the other day and i would definitely buy one if i didn't have the spit - both great looking models but i think the 51 has that edge from an rc POV (obviously in real life, the spit is the best, full stop )
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the spinning prop provides a bit of wind resistance... more so that a still prop.. I have noticed that as well... a still prop turns you into a dart, and without sufficient braking maneuvers wont really slow you up much... but the spinning prop puts up a sort of half shield and slows you up a bit better...
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sorry to hear this nick after I praised the plane. do a decent range check and make sure the receiver is working. you know on mine - the ESC/Receiver burnt-up and i'm waiting for my new one. if you call HZ Tech Support at 877-504-0233 and tell them the plane is failing a range check - they will likely send you a new ESC/Receiver.
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Thanks for the number...going to call them today. I wouldn't worry too much about the spit...gonna try and get that flying ASAP as well....it's a great plane and I hate seeing her on my stool just sitting there while I fly the 51

Originally Posted by fezz View Post
sorry to hear this nick after I praised the plane. do a decent range check and make sure the receiver is working. you know on mine - the ESC/Receiver burnt-up and i'm waiting for my new one. if you call HZ Tech Support at 877-504-0233 and tell them the plane is failing a range check - they will likely send you a new ESC/Receiver.
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