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Beast guts = profile Wildcat 4 ch. trainer

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Default Beast guts = profile Wildcat 4 ch. trainer

After many years away from RC, I bought an HZ Champ to get the feel back. It was great!

Soon, I wanted to use an aileron trainer. I had an old .049 powered SST model from years before just laying around so I adapted it to electric power and took off.

I soon realized that I was rustier (and crustier) than I expected to be. I also found that balsa woods costs a lot more than it used to cost!

I decided to find (or build something quick and cheap) that at least looked sort of like a real plane, and that would be faster to repair if crashed.

I found a V1 UMX Beast in rough condition to provide the "guts" (electrics) for a pretty cheap price. I also found some 3mm depron and some 5mm foam board.

I came across Andy Reynold's profile F4F Wildcat plans and downloaded them from: .

Also, provided were correct size drawing for the markings on his build thread, here: .

After building a couple versions from these plans (all scaled down to 67% for a wingspan of 20 inches), I ended up with a version that flies great
and has no bad habits. It is also, in it's present form, pretty crash resistant.

In the next post, I will begin discussing the build.

Here's a picture of the latest version.
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Default More photos profile F4F 4 chnnel

As stated above, I first scaled the drawings down to 67%, using Adobe Acrobat Pro. This was to achieve a 20-inch span and resulted in four pages of plan to Scotch tape togther.

I built the first prototype pretty much per the plan, given that I was using the AR6400lbl Rx and then tiny aileron servos from the V1 Beast. This one
had the ailerons at the wingtips, and the rx was set at a position where I could use the stock Beast control rods. I also used the stock Beast control horns, and eventually, the Beast Horizontal Stabilizer brace assembly, to steady up the tail a bit. There was no offset or downthrust built into the motor mount. This first version was built entirely of 3mm Depron, and used the stock 180BL 2200kv motor. All hinges were 1/2-inch hinge tape, and the same tape is used over the aileron wires, just to help the looks a bit. The wingtip-mounted ailerons required the use of servo extension wires on the aileron servos. This version weighed in at about 69 grams -- a little heavier than the beast.

This plane was controllable at my skill level, but not great. It was prone to tip stall, as well as the flat wing planform bugaboo, "attitude twitching", or simply jumping up or down if the angle of attack varied just a bit while trying to fly level. Aso the foam on it's chin was very prone to rash on bad landing (my bad flying here).

Lastly, I originally mounted the rx and battery atop the horizontal fuse section, but being top heavy, the plane flew better inverted! Also the markings provided by Andy were printed onto 720 dpi thin inkjet paper, and the glued onto the painted foam. The paint was some pretty close acrylic from Hobby Lobby, hand brushed.

In the next segment, I'll tell about version 2, and the problems I solved with that version.

Any questions, feel free to contact me.

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Default Versions 2 & 3 of the Micro 4 chan profile F4F

Version 2

The next version was built with 5mm foam board from Hoby Lobby for the vertical fuelage piece only. I moved the battery and rx to the underside of the horizontal fuelage sections for better side to side balance.

The ailerons were moved in from the wingtip by 1-3/4 inches to help with the tip stall problem -- and also to eliminate the aileron servo extension wires. Unfortuneatly, the extra weight of the 5mm foam board was too much, and the plane was too sluggish.

Version 3

This is the version shown in all the photos. I reverted to 3mm depron for all parts, and added 1/64" ply reinforcements to both side of the vertical
fuse peice, extending from the nose to the leading edge of the wing, and top to bottom. The line where these end can be seen on the photos.

The battery cutout has been made beginning about 1/4" behind the firewall. This will accomodate batteries from 120 to 240 mah.

The rx has been moved forward and new control rods fabricated from .030" carbon rod, .022" wire and some heat shrink as per the original Beast items.

The jitters in the flat foam wing and some slight banking issues have been tamed by differential and expo mixes on my DX6i transmitter:

Aileron 100 30 80 40
Elevator 100 40 60 65
Rudder 80 30 50 70

Aile> rudder ACT
RATE L+ 20% R+20%
set to aileron switch.

Dual aileron is actuated and the AR6400LBL Rx has been set up for dual servos, but no differential.


20" wingspan
14-3/4" l.o.a.
69 grams a.u.w.
E-flite 180BL 2200kv
2s 7.4v 240mah custom Hyperion battery
AR6400LBL rx
2 AR2000L wing servos

This version tracks on turns very well and does not have the flat wing "stutter" or whatever it is called. You can throttle way down for landings
without a quick snap-roll into the ground. Speaking of rolls, this plane is a barrel-roller. Elevator is VERY effective, probably because it's so high above the plane of the wing, i doesn't get blanked out.

All in all, it flies very scale-like rather than "pants on fire". I usually cruise around at 5/8 to 3/4 throttle. On my custon Hyperion 240mah batteries, I get around 8 minute flights.

I highly recommend this aircraft as perhaps a second plane after the HZ Champ, to get some aileron time at low cost, easy to build and low maintenace prices! It also flies well in up to 5mph winds (at my lowly skill level). Your mileage may vary.

One last thing, as it was a pain in the you know what to paint around some of the markings, and I was too lazy to try to print up decals, I am including the altered markings from Butch O'hares aircraft with a generic
color fill-in, so that you can print to thin paper and cut out the markings without having to trim real close. They are not exact color, as I could not match the exact colors in $.79 acrylic bottles at Hobby Lobby. But, they worked for me. I glued them on with a thin film of Uhu POR, which is what I used to build the rest of the plane.
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I like what you are doing, MrEd; building the same plane several times, improving it with each new construction is something I do also. Any more developments on this one, or have you moved on to something else?

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Default Reply to Tom tr4252

Hi Tom,

Yes the little F4F hs been doing as I'd hoped, so I don't really have any further improvements at this time.

However, there is something I've been working on and heres a link to the prototype build thread:

Something foamy and slower yet.

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