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Find the right battery

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Default Find the right battery

Hi all, I have a 1/12 scale Monster Truck and recently noticed that it has a shorter run time, around 5 minutes or so. So I guess there is something wrong with the battery, the battery is the included Li-Ion 7.4v 1500mAh.
I am now looking to replace the lithium battery for a longer run time and speed. But I can't find a direct answer to the question of which lithium battery the device uses. I read that certain battery combinations will burn out the transmission. I asked Ovonic for help and they recommended Rebel series batteries but they didn't respond to my first question.
What voltage should I run, single or dual battery, and how many milliamps? I would appreciate it if you could help me!
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Battery dying, or too much mechanical resistance in the drive, resulting in higher current draw.
Current and motortorque are proportional.

Current drawn is proportional to voltage²
So select same voltage for your new pack, higher capacity ('tank volume') will give you longer run time, at the cost of extra battery mass and volume.
Current in (milli)Ampère.
Capacity is current sustained during one hour, in (milli)Ampère·hour.

Cannot help you with the C-rating, depends on the battery capacity and on max. current draw, better ask in a Monster Truck (sub)forum.

Apart from all the above, there's lies, big lies ... and C-ratings. I would at least half a/any specced C-rating. Your batteries will love you for it.

About C-ratings, discharge rates, stickertuning and other 'optimistic' ... eeeh ... 'marketing'.
Using uniform tests, getting published/refered in opening posts:
Battery Load Test Comparisons - RCG

From the link posted by JohnCT, this well help, some excellent battery info
LiPo best care practices - post#8346 - RCG
  • Maximizing Cycle Life and Performance
  • Storage Facts
  • Fun Facts
  • Nerd Facts a.k.a Solid-Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) layer
  • Thermal Runaway
  • Results, Comparisons, and Lies exposed in opening posts

And there's this post#198 by Frank Siegert, about (yet) another advantage of heating a battery to body temperature, through and through, for about one hour. Before using and before charging. Not only voltage is higher and battery wear lower, but also ...
Short flight time is killing me - post#198

Want more background info?
Lithium Polymer Battery Technology - RCG
An introduction, with special consideration of RC model lithium batteries.
By dipl.-ing. Frank Siegert, a.k.a. RCG user bzfrank.

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Originally Posted by RCModelReviews
...a lot of the time, C stands for crap...
Have you ever wondered how a 100C battery gets away with an XT60 connector that is only rated for 60A? If you use lipo batteries in your RC planes, helis or drones then you need to watch this video and learn why the C rating of your batteries might not be what you think it is. There's also some other lipo info in this video that hopefully everyone will find interesting and of some value.

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First you need to make sure your truck is mechanically at 100%. Any part that is not working properly is likely to absorb power that will reduce the run time of any battery.
It is the voltage of a battery that determines how much power the motor can create, Too high a voltage can cause the motor to overheat and may also damage the control system electronics..
The capacity of the battery only determines how long the it can provide the power although the capacity may degrade over time and usage. By itself more capacity does no direct harm.
Just replacing the battery with a new one should restore the original run duration.
If you want your truck to run for longer you will have to install a bigger capacity battery but make sure it has the same voltage as your current one.
You do have to bear in mind that a bigger capacity battery will be physically bigger (will it fit?) & heavier so the truck will have to work that bit harder too..

If you want to increase the performance of your truck (speed and hill climbing) then there are many factors to take into account and you should seek the advice of appropriate forum.
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