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Parkzone 3D Typhoon Elevator Problem

Old 10-09-2006, 11:44 PM
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Default Parkzone 3D Typhoon Elevator Problem

I have a Parkzone 3D Typhoon and have successfuuly flown a number of times. However now there seems to be a problem with the elevator. I can make it go up but not down.

When using the radio to force it down it starts to "click" wildly like it is stuck or out of position and trying to get it to a spot.

I checked for free motion and with everything off you can move it into the down position.

I have had a couple of rough/bounced landings, but nothing really bad...Any idea what the issue is or how to resolve?

Could it be the servo is bad or a gear tooth broke?

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Old 10-09-2006, 11:50 PM
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Hi sbritton,

I'm not familiar with the Typhoon set up, but you can check a few things.

1. Remove the push rod and see if the servo makes its full travel.
2. Is the servo centered? (again check with the pushrod disconnected)
3. Is the trim button on the transmitter centered?

If all of these are OK, then it sounds to me like a bad servo. Is it possible to switch servos and see if it still happens?

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Old 10-10-2006, 12:22 AM
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Grasshopper nailed it.

It's probably a stripped servo. Your Typhoon, if it's reasonably new (less than 8 months, not one of the first editions) should include two spare gear sets with the plane in a little baggie stuck to the foam packing slabs. Just remove the offending servo and visually and 'by hand' check all the gears to see if you can feel or see a tooth missing.

If it is, in fact, a stripped servo, you may want to check your elevator for binding. If it is binding, (mine was), you need to put some small cuts right along the hinge line until it's free. It normally doesn't take much work with the X-Acto to free it up. This is the major cause of stripped rudder and elevator servos in the Typhoon: surfaces that aren't free enough.
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Old 10-10-2006, 03:55 AM
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Default Sounds like the problem does sound like the problem. I unhooked the control arm so the elevator was not hindering it...and the problem it must be the servo.

Problem is that the servo appears to be glued into the side of the plane. Should I just keep pulling on it or are there any other tips on how to get it out?

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Old 10-10-2006, 04:17 AM
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Default servo gear in box...

Crud...I just checked the box and no extra servo gears. Any ideas where to get new ones?

Is it easier to just replace the whole servo? Price isn't a real big is more the the pain factor or ripping it apart.
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Old 10-10-2006, 02:22 PM
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Default money is no object....

Yes, it is easier to just replace the servo. You can gently pry on the servo retainer to pop it out of the fuse. Once loose you'll have to move the servo back and forth a bit to see which wire it is connected to in the canopy area. Once you determine the right wire, unplug it from the rx. Tie a string to the end of the servo connector before removing the servo all the way out. Cut and leave the string in the servo hole to canopy area so that when you get a new servo, you can tie the end of the string to the new servo connector and pull the connector and wire back up into the canopy area.

servo and servo gears link
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