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Parkzone Brushless Cub PNP

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Default Parkzone Brushless Cub PNP

Anyone have any insight on the PNP brushless cub? Just bought one and not sure how she is gonna fly!
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What radio do you have? I'm sure that Newjak, Autorail, or I will help you out when you fly her the first time. We all have buddy boxes of some type, and I'm sure that you'll get help with her. Grats on your plane!
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I have a DX6 right now. I have been flying glow power for a while, but this electric stuff is a lot different, especially the small stuff!
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Hi Pmikeyg,

The original PZ J3Cub had a number of bad traits that needed to be corrected to get it to fly well. One of the problems was the it was considerably underpowered, which the new brushless motor has corrected. I suspect the other issues remain, since the plane has not been modified in any of the other areas. The mods are simple:
1) Tendency to do ground loops when trying to take off from the ground (ROG): This is the most annoying issue and is corrected in two ways. First, increase the size of the wheels. 2" wheels, available at most hobby shops, work very well. Second, add a tail wheel. A steerable tail wheel is best. You can make your own, or DuBro sells a very nice unit. A simpler installation is a non-steerable wheel. Buy a replacement tail wheel for the Aerobird3, Firebird Freedom, etc. Straighten out the loops of the wire cage and bend them down. Insert them in the space betwwen the tail skid halves and epoxy in place.
2) Crash-worthyness: reinforce the fuselage in the area between the firewall and the battery compartment using expandable foam (available at Home Depot, hardware store, etc.). First, use some oversized straws, like McDonald's uses, to provide clear passage for the wires from the ESC to the motor. Disconnect the motor and pull the wires back. After installing the straws throught the firewall and past the battery compartment, fill the front with foam. Take caution not to get foam into the battery box, or the battery will be very difficult to get in and out. After the foam has set, trim the straws and re-connect the motor.

The Cub is a very nice flyer. It has a tendency to want to climb at speeds over 50% throttle. For landings, shut off the power and let it glide until its only a few feet off the ground, then give a little power to control and flare the landing. Its quite sensitive to wind, so don;t fly it in any wind greater than 5mph until you get used to it.
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Not exactly the same, but I recently upgraded my SDM Piper Cub (more or less same dimensions as the PZ Piper Cub) to brushless (TP2409-12 w/a 1000mah 2S LiPo and 8x4 prop), and it positively screams now. No more worrying about low altitude stalls--it's like having a rocket strapped to the front of a paper plane. Also, whereas it used to struggle in 10mph wind, I took it out in 15mph steady wind a couple evenings ago, and it cut through the breeze like a champ. Of course, due to its small size, it STILL doesn't handle unpredictable and varying, whipping winds well at all--just gets tossed around like a kite with no string. (Had to make several attempts at a landing when the wind starting changing up on me before getting her in nice and soft.)

Actually, I'm sort of torn about this whole brushless thing. I mean, on one hand, it's nice to have so much power that you can heavily reduce your risks when flying, since you always have that emergency cord of setting the throttle to wide open and then just getting the plane pointed back skyward. But at the same time, I think my Cub flew much more realistic with the brushed and NiMH, where I was having to be much more careful about stalls and losing my momentum. I think brushless is going to foster some really bad habits in my flying, since there's going to be so much more I can get away with now.

That being said, there's no WAY I'm going to downgrade it back to brushed.

Anyway... as long as it's fairly calm, wind wise, and you have any reasonable amount of piloting skills, I'd imagine you'll do fine. Just be sure to stay soft thumb. These little planes react REALLY snappy when you get overzealous on the sticks. Of course, before I went brushless, that would have been more of a problem than it is now with the vastly increased power. However, just be aware that you need to avoid extreme stick movements with this plane when possible, especially when you're at low altitudes.

Oh--and be sure to double-check the CG. Mine has a tendency to want to be closer to the middle of the wing than 1/3 back from the leading edge of the wing, and it makes it handle all kinds of dicey when it's set too far back.
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