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Lipo - expiry date?

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Default Lipo - expiry date?

Hi, circumstances have changed so after a 6 year lay off I dug out my simulator with a view to fly my planes again once the lock down is over. My question is do you think that my lipoís will be ok? I have various 3 to 6 cell lipoís - iíve done some balance checks and all appear to have survived the lay off in good shape Anyone had any first hand experience of this? I intend to run an independent rx supply rather than use the bec initially- then I figure at least if they fail it will just be like a dead-stick.

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If the LiPo show identical (within 0.05V) cell voltages the LiPo are not likely to fail but are more likely to have both a reduced capacity and a lower maximum discharge rate possibly by as much as 50%. The drop in capacity would show as how much (or little) charge the charger puts in before the cells reach 4.2 V. The drop in the maximum discharge rate would show as a poor plane performance. How significant that drop might be depends on the plane's requirements.
I fear you will find the drop is the plane's performance the biggest problem and might make a plane a handful to fly.
Before doing any flights I would suggest you get one new battery and fly with that. You will at least have something to compare the old batteries to.

I have a 8 year LiPo that I still use but from storage level it only accepts about 25% of its rated 5000 mAh. Not a problem as it is only required to do very light duty.
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I was given a plane with 2 3000 mah 3s batteries that would hook up in series. The batteries were 3-4 years old but not used at all.
They seemed alright so I launched, but when setting up for a landing I wanted a burst of power. The batteries just flopped, there was no burst of power and I landed an 8' Senior Telemaster 45' up in a tree.

Be very careful with older batteries when charging and testing.
I would fasten the planes down and run them at around 75% power and see if you get a normal flight time.
If not stop using them and get new ones.

All that being said, I have had 1 battery last about 6 years, yet another one give up and puff on the second flight.
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Thanks for these responses. It now makes sense that my TX Lipo needed so little charge to get to Ďfullí charge. Iíll do some testing of my flight batteries as well. I expect my relatively inexpensive return to flying may not be.
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