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HZ Super Cub or E-Starter, Which is best?

Old 12-26-2007, 07:03 PM
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Default HZ Super Cub or E-Starter, Which is best?

I'd like to hear some opinions,
Which is the best beginner plane to learn on?
Which can stand the most abuse?
I would think the E-Starter electronics can be used on other planes?
What about the HZ Super cub?
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Old 12-26-2007, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by cellsitegod View Post
I'd like to hear some opinions,
Which is the best beginner plane to learn on?
Which can stand the most abuse?
I would think the E-Starter electronics can be used on other planes?
What about the HZ Super cub?
Except for the motor and battery, the SC electronic parts are not reusable on other planes. But in my opinion, that is the only downside. As my skills have increased and my hangar grown, I have never felt the urge to part-out my beloved Super Cub. I still enjoy flying it as much as any of my other planes, so the fact that the parts cannot be used elsewhere does not really bother me much at all.

I cannot speak for the E-Starter, but the SC is a great airplane! It is large (4' wingspan), which makes it easy to see, it looks like a real airplane, it's powerful enough to take off from grass or climb out of a bad situation, and it is one tough bird. Even if you do crack it up, it is easy to repair. Parts are also cheap and very easy to find, usually at my LHS for no more than it takes to order them on-line.

Lots of folks upgrade them too. All I have done so far is added larger wheels, but you can easily juice it up with a larger battery pack or even lipo with little or no modification required. Some day I may add ailerons and/or convert to brushless power, but that is where the disadvantage of having non-standard electronics will hurt you. That is because you cannot just upgrade one thing without having to replace everything.
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Might want to give the search feature a try. There are a ton of threads about the best beginner airplane. There really isn't one right answer. I learned on the Super Cub and can recommend it highly. Others prefer the Slow Stick or something similar. The bigest keys to success are avoiding flying in the wind as a beginner and (if possible) asking for help an experienced flyer your first time or two out.
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Old 12-26-2007, 11:37 PM
Don Sims
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I like the EPP of the Supercub over the E-Starter. Both are nice planes but that EPP foam can handle crashes better.
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Old 12-27-2007, 04:17 AM
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Both are great planes, but they offer quite different values.

The Super Cub is a 3 channel RTF, flies great and can be in the air within an hour. Hundreds of posts speak of it as an excellent first plane. The electronics "can" be used in another plane but that is not the real intent. Besides, why would you want to dismantle the wonderful Super Cub.

The SC is one of my top two recommendations among RTFs. The other is the Easy Star.

The e-starter is a 3/4 channel plane that comes as a kit. You have to buy a radio system, build the plane, install the electroncis, buy batteries, buy a charger and so on.

It is a great flying plane that will take you to 4 channel when you are ready. It just involves more work to get it flying.

My impression is that the SC can stand up to more abuse and parts are more readily available in local hobby stores, if you need something.

Either is a good choice.
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I would definately go with the estarter. I learned on one and it was incredible. With a brushless\lipo setup, it is very acrobatic, and can even fly vertically. It has a self correcting wing, which is very thick, and can easiliy be made with ailerons. This plane is a great trainer, but can also be an advanced acrobatic flyer. Finally, I have never seen a more forgiving plane. I have literally ripped the the thing in half, and flown the next day. The whole plane is made from thick and sturdy foam, so it very crash resistant, and also easy to modify. And at a price of 30 bucks, you cant go wrong!

Get one, keep us posted!
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I don't know about acrobatics, other than to say that they I think most planes that can do real acrobatics are probably bad for beginers.

I can't speak to the estarter, but I can tell you that I flew the HZ Supercub that my brother got for Xmas. It was fantastically easy to fly, I was helping my brother have a successful flight and did about 5 minutes with his S.Cub and wow was it an easy flyer. Very gentle and smooth, power wasn't overwhelming but was plenty for a beginer.

I have about 2-3 hours of actual flying time with my WingDragon over about 2 weeks of building/crashing/flying.

After that short flight that I had, I can confidently recommend the HZ S.Cub to everyone.
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Old 12-28-2007, 01:55 AM
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I have both the E-Starter and the Super Cub, and I've upgraded my Cub to ailerons and a brushless motor. They're both great planes to learn on, and about equally easy to fly overall. The Cub has better ground handling and I find it easier to make a nice landing (less likely to want to ground-loop), and generally a better, more stable plane for touch-and-goes. But if you build the E-starter light (LiPo battery power helps), it will float/glide better than the Cub, so you might find the approach to landing a bit easier.

I like the "Z-foam" that the Cub is made out of...it's not as brittle or dentable as the "beer cooler foam" of the E-Starter. I've had my Cub fall to the ground from my car's trunk lid, and I didn't even worry about damage...with the E-Starter, I would have expected to have to break out the epoxy after I got home if that happened to it. Both planes are easy to fix if you break them, but the key difference to me is that the Cub will withstand the smaller accidents without troubling you to do any fixing at all. And it's more resistant to "hangar rash" (small dents from carrying/handling/transporting).

It cost me more than the full original cost of the Cub to upgrade it to brushless + ailerons, because I had to junk ALL of the stock electronics, and I put quality name-brand gear in it. So another factor of the decision between those two planes would come down to whether you're ready to do a build right now, and buy a good computer radio right now, and preferably get a LiPo charger and battery now, and some modeling supplies, etc. If yes to all that, then the E-Starter would be more economical in the long-run, though it would cost more in the short term. You can build it 3-channel, and put ailerons on it when you're ready, for only the cost of one more servo.

Of course you can always get both planes like I did. Make the Cub your basic 3-channel trainer and the ES your aileron trainer and first "build." Start practicing and having fun on the Cub while researching your build on the ES and accumulating assorted gear and building supplies.

BTW -- I've read that GWS has plans to manufacture the E-Starter in their tough new EPO foam -- and in a new larger version. If/when that happens, it will gain two of the things that I see as advantages with the Super Cub.
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