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"Start Fail" error code? SOLVED! (End point settings on a new ESC)

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info "Start Fail" error code? SOLVED! (End point settings on a new ESC)

(Scroll down to post #3 for how-to fix on this problem)

My CC Talon 90 ESC will not power my Rimfire .32 on 4S battery . New setup, new components. Followed the setup instructions (Reverse throttle servo for Futaba 7C 2.4 TX, Watch tones match cell count, start with throttle at midpoint, etc.) IF I'm reading the guide correctly the two rapid blinks mean "Start Fail" error code.

I get the power tone with cell conformation tones when I plug in the battery, then two rapid blinks that repeat with no more tones. BEC is working, as servos work, battery is over 15V ready to go. I had to make extension wires from ESC to motor since bullet connectors are different sizes. Used good silicone wire and soldered everything well. The resistance of each on 20 ohm setting checks out at .4 ohms, same as the ohm meter testing itself by touching the wires to each other. So I'm pretty sure the extensions aren't creating excessive resistance. But I show zero volts out of the motor side of the ESC. I have switched ESC to motor wires around like you would to reverse the motor to no avail. I am not sure how to read the error codes. I have blinks but no beeps to match like the guide shows I should(?)

I'm new to electric power as far as glow to electric conversions but the Tower Sport .40 I put it in is set up to be built either way.


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Try giving Castle Creations a phone call. they have been very nice with a problem I had .
Castle Creations, 540 North Rogers Road, Olathe, KS, 66062, United States
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So I figured it out. (After 3 hours of Google and YouTube and reading heli forums till 3am.)

It was simple. I needed to set the end points on my throttle channel on my Futaba 7c TX.

Here's what I did:

1. Unhook the red wire on my Talon 90 receiver lead by unlatching and removing the lead from the connector. Tape it back. Plug it into channel 3 for throttle on the RX.

2. Plug in my RX battery like a glow setup would use. I use a switch like my old glow planes, mounted on the outside of the fuse. I like redundancy in case the BEC pukes I can still land.

3. Turn on transmitter and open to "End Point settings" menu.

4. Switch on RX battery and plug in my 4S LiPo for the ESC.

5. The ESC will chime and count the cell total tones. Then its LED will blink twice rapidly over and over.

6. Set throttle stick to full and advance endpoint from 50% upward until you hear the tone from the ESC. (Mine was around 110% so I went to 112%)

7. Lower stick to minimum and repeat for low end point. (Mine was 52% so I went to 54%) Tone will again sound. Back out of menu.

8. Unplug LiPo and shut everything off. Repower TX and RX and plug in LiPo to test.

9. ESC will tone the cell count and arming tones. It now will power the motor. I ran (with no prop on) the throttle to both ends of travel to fine tune end points to achieve full power and zero power. (Full power will make the ESC LED go red steady. I left a couple clicks up from bottom "dead" in case I bump it slightly the motor won't spin.)

10. Range test, add prop, and go fly!

Hope this helps someone in the future.

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