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Can I buy rc boat motor for my rc plane??

Old 08-27-2012, 03:03 AM
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Default Can I buy rc boat motor for my rc plane??

Hi all,

I have some basic question (as I don't know much about electronics): CAN I PUT RC BOAT MOTOR INTO RC PLANE? Specifically I have Typhoon 3D with no motor (original got broken).... I want to put generic, not original that is quite expensive. I have 20A ESC in my plane, and seems this : http://www.ebay.com/itm/230821286420...84.m1438.l2648 .... would be OK feet for my Typhoon. It's rated 3500KV, 6-12V, and producing 260W. But I'm not sure if that 3500KV would be the same for water environment as for the air. My understanding is that 3500KV represents 3500 rpm / 1 V... But 3500 rpm / 1V for what kind of prop rotating in what environment?? Can I consider that small plastic boat prop with super small diameter we'll act the same as 7" prop for plane under 1V for this motor? Probably not... Then... how can I know if this would feet as the substitution. This motor only caught my attentions as it's right fit dimension wise, W wise, and V wise.. and most of all is super cheap... Any input, advise would be greatly appreciated. After all I don't want spend $14 bugs for nothing, or not right application.

Thank you in advance!
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Why don't you search this place http://www.leaderhobby.com/product.asp?ID=9394001224177

You have to make sure that the motor dimensions are close to the one you are replacing length and diameter plus the shaft on the motor would have to be the same. The KV on the stock motor is 3700 KV the one I have in the link above is 3790 KV.
As far as that boat motor on a plane I don't know, and I don't want to say it would be okay the KV is in the ball park though.

Any reason you don't want to go with a out runner instead of running a gear box?
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Old 09-25-2013, 06:08 PM
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That is a "high KV rated" motor that would overheat with a proper sized prop for your model. For 3D plane use, you would want an under-1000KV motor that can spin a large enough prop. BP Hobbies and RC Dude and other online suppliers can recommend a suitable low cost motor, and speed control, battery pack and prop combination for your "Typhoon".
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Often the RC boat motors have a water jacket which would require you to install a water cooling system on the aircraft.

There are all kinds of reasons to avoid using the wrong motor for the job.

Try looking at the Tacon and Dynam motors at nitroplanes.com.
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Old 09-26-2013, 03:26 AM
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or headsuprc. they answer questions and help you pick a motor as well.
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Boat motors are the exact same as any other motor, KV is KV no difference.
On all but some cheap water cooled outrunners the cooling jacket is just an aluminum tube with a pair of O-rings at the end, slides right off with a twist.
They are not "the wrong motor for the job" if the size and KV is right. In fact many "boat" motors are EDF as well as car motors depending on where you look in a shops listings. I'm using a 36mm "edf" motor on my tunnel hull
Tacon happens to be a fairly popular boat motor, Leopards at a slightly cheaper price.
I prefer outrunners in planes but if an inrunner fits the bill there is NO DIFFERENCE between a boat motor and a plane motor. In fact most "boat" motors you have to buy the cooling jacket separately.
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Quick Reply: Can I buy rc boat motor for my rc plane??

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