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Astro Flight charger for Lithium baterries.

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Default Astro Flight charger for Lithium baterries.

Have the a/m charger for more then a year without any problem.
Last week I made a test:
I charged a 3S 4200 mAh battery to full charge - having on the charger's screen : " charge completed-12.60" . I disconnected the battery from the charger and checked with a digital multimeter the real voltage of each cell and the total voltage of the pack.
To surprise although in screen of the charger it ended with 12.60 V, the multimeter indicated only 12.48. I charged another two packs in the Astro charger and got in the multimeter 12.42 V and 12.52 V while in the screen it indicated 12.60 V.
I charged again the same three packs in another charger and then measured with the multimeter and got 12.59 V.
I shall much appreciate assistance in that issue. Is it possible to caliberate the charger ?
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To yflint;
Be happy with what you have at 12.48, etc on full charge testing with your multi-meter. Your batteries will last longer.
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The Astro 109 reads out the peak voltage when it reaches full charge=12.60. It continues to read out 12.6, even though the battery will drop off slightly. Mine does the same-I can pull a battery off right after the charge, and connect it to a meter and it will only read 12.52-12.58. Since the Astro is a peak-type charger, it charges until the pack hits a constant 12.6, then shuts off. Also, if you're using a balancer like the bLinky, it balances the pack by pulling current from the higher cell in the pack to level it with the weaker cells-ie it discharges the cell to even it out. Overall voltage WILL drop.

Another thing to remember is that ALL chargers will put a small drain on the battery after the charge cycle has ended, unless it has a trickle setting. Lithium charge cycles typically do not include a trickle charge. So leaving the battery connected for extended periods after the cycle has ended will drain the battery somewhat.

Both my 10s and 4s FMA Cellpros peak at 12.6, but after the charge cycle you can check the voltage readout and it will have dropped a similar amount.
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Completely normal. Go fly

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Originally Posted by jonnyjetprop View Post
Completely normal. Go fly


The 109 while a little old is still a fantastic top quality charger.

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Hello folks
Regarding the above topics on batteries and chargers I am new to eletric flying and all this talk on Li-Po batteries and chargers etc has me baffled I have read a few articles on this and am even more confused!!, the above responses have shed a little light on the subject and seem more practical than what I have read to date. Ibought an RTF Super Cub by Park Flite complete with radio, reciever esc, servos and a 1250mAh 11.1v, 10c Discharge not sure what is meant by "discharge" included was a Top Flite balance charger with two led'swhich I think just charges the battery and thats it according to the instructions, having read some horror stories re Li-po's I would like a charger that provides more information ie re state of charge and any other useful information you may think is neccesary, of course cost is a factor perhaps the equipment I have is all I need any advice in laymans terms would be brilliant. Also in the replies to the above question mention is made of using a digital multimeter to test voltage after charging I have one of these and can test individual and reciever packs of nicads, but I am at a loss when it comes to checking the votage of my Li-Po pack with this meter as the pack is sealed up with black tape and I dont know where to place the the leads from the meter in order to get a reading can anyone help out with any or all of the above? as you have probably gathered by now I am totally hopless when it comes to things eletrical!!.
Thanks in advance, murphy.

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Default Li-Po batteries and chargers

Hello folks, I have been reading the question posed by yflint and the responses to it, I have similar problems as a newcomer to electric flight, any further advice on choosing a charger that will charge, discharge Li-Pos and balance, cycle them and tell me when they are charged, also does it matter what state of charge they are in when you put them on charge?
Thanks, murphy.
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