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Couple of newb su26xp questions

Old 06-22-2011, 02:44 AM
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Default Couple of newb su26xp questions

Hi all, just picked up a su26xp to subliment my slofly and I have a couple questions.

First, my ailerons when level with each other or not level with the wing. What do I need to tweak to fix this.

Also, anytime I hit right rudder the plane dives. What is causing this?

Thanks in advance for help with my newb questions. I image an experienced flyer would be excellent help setting up planes. I've only ever flown by myself and alway have trouble getting trim just right. The constant wind doesnt seem to help either!
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[email protected]!,

I just picked up an XP last week too, had the 26m before that.

The ailerons on my XP are both slightly angled down, maybe by 1/16". This doesn't appear to effect how the model goes in any big way but next time I open up the fuselage I'll bend the torque rods to fix it.

As for the rudder... it's not unusual to have some coupling such that applying rudder causes the nose to drop, I've got the same thing on some of my models but I've never noticed it much if at all on the Sukhoi. I would expect it to occur with both left and right rudder. Moving the CG back might help, the battery needs to go at the extreme rear of the slot

A remote possibility is that the receiver/servo unit has come loose and moves when you apply rudder?.. Another more likely possibility but only if you have a mode 1 Tx (rudder and elevator on the left stick) is that you are inadvertently applying down elevator when you move the stick. If it was either of these issues you could expect to physically see the elevator move when you apply rudder.


PS.. as for trimming. Other than getting the CG well back it helps tons if you have a Tx that has an exponential function. The Sukhoi is incredibly twitchy and using lots of exponential allows the response to be softened while still having enough control authority for extreme aerobatics. Using the rate switches is also helpful with low rates set to about 60-70%
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Thanks Steve, sounds like my ailerons are just like yours. I will worry about that another day!

I have a US DX6i so it's not a mode issue. I'll move the batteyr further back and let you know how it goes. It definitely wasn't all the way back, I had to move the velco up on the battery to give me more adjustment.
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