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GWS F-15 as a Pusher

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Default GWS F-15 as a Pusher

By my standards this is a fairly large bird and just to be different I build mine as pusher with 2 servos only. This is made from EPO foam so it should hold up better to hanger rash. In case your wondering what EPO foam is think about it being somewhat similar to the Parkzone Supercub or Easystar kind of foam. Its very smooth and many paints should stick well to it, I left it white with just a splash of yellow.

I went with the All Flying Tail as GWS calls it and just used a pair of there Park servos for each side. I used something very close on many of my profile test aircraft so it didnt look like a problem for me to fly. The build was very straight forward and fast to complete because of the low parts count. While I ran the servro wire down the center of the fuse and little was changed from the plans.

This bird is powered by a Turnigy TR 35-30A 1700kv Brushless Outrunner (Eq AXi 2808) spinning a APC 7x5E prop, 50 Amp Simple ESC, 3 Amp BEC and topping it off with a 20C 2200 4 cell pack. The specs say that about 36 amps at 535 watts with zero heat from the motor upon landing so theres room for more prop to come.

To get the plane to balance I had to add 2.5 ounces to the nose that I just taped to the front of the 4 cell. The only other change made was the plywood skids added to the bottom becuse I from from a grass field. This makes hand launching a breeze and because the plane is so lite at only 28 ounces it just floats in for a no drama landing. The rear skids protect the Tailerons from digging into the grass and being ripped off the plane , They also offer more stability in slow High Alpha flight.

In its current form the plane performs well and is very stable, With the throws set to 60% and 40% expo on each side. Rolls are fair but not fast at these settings and the Tailerons fly the plane effectively. This motor combo offeres a wide speed range from walking pace to a top speed of around 85+mph with the current prop. I've only had 4 flights so far but just cant see any downside to this plane as a pusher.

GWS F-15 in EPO: $68
Turnigy Outrunner: $17.29
50 Amp Simple ESC: $11.97
Turnigy 3A UBEC: $7.44
2 GWS Park Servos: $18.90
Extra wire and Deans: $5
Rhino 4 cell Lipo: $31.50
APC 7x5 prop: $2.09

Total: $162.19

That covers everthing but the RX, Paint, Plywood and pilot that I had left over from other projects. So at less than half the cost of a ducted fan setup I have a F-15 thats close to half the weight but performs just as well. Its more agile and offers longer flight times of around 12 minutes each so far and looks great in the air.

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Gotta love a pusher jet Huh Kosh. Lighter ,cheaper simpler and in the air who can tell. Nice job.
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Very nice Kosh. I would also build this bird as a pusher so as not to break the hobby bank. Two EDF units two ESC's 2 motors and big batteries to power both motors, too rich for my blood. I'd have to apply for some of that BAIL OUT money if I started to build twin EDF planes, LOL!! The pusher set up is so cost effective and the instant thrust with a prop makes launching a no brainer. I may have to put this plane on my want list.

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Hey!...a GWS F-15, pusher-prop, EPO foam, 1700kv motor, APC 7x5E prop, all-flying tail with GWS Park servos, 2.5 ounces of weight in front to balance. Wow deja vu!

I think one of us has a faulty scale though. Surely my landing gear, landing gear servo, and paint don't weigh 9.6 ounces. Actually, my weight before any paint at all was 36.5 oz. OK, your motor is 3/4 oz. lighter, but your 4S battery (either 2050 or 2200) should more than offset that over my 3S, and we have exactly the same balance weight (or did have anyway, when mine was configured with the full-flying tailerons). So what accounts for the other 8.5 oz.?

Edit: Did you mean 28 oz. AUW, or 28 oz. for everything but the battery weight?
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Yep Herk I was wondering if it is 28oz with battery too.

Mine is 48oz AUW and still floats in. Easier to land than the A10, and it was pretty easy.
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I didn't see the scale or weight this myself so that figure could very well be in error. At the field I was working on another plane and one of the guys weighed it for me so I'm unsure what was used and how. I will get a real flying weight next time I'm at the Hobby store.
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Default 1 more.

Only the white meat ( white foam ) is used with 2 VPX 1100 mahr batteries BP H2217 3700 KV. 28 oz RTF...2 HS-55 servos in the tailerons ? The plane is so close in outline to a Delta that I could call them elevons. All newer jets are elevons, with the same layouts.
Bench tests are almost vertical lifts.
It is ready for final final tidying up with Duct tape over all things in the engine ducts. A GWS 7 x 3.5 does it.
Step ladder glides were great.
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Hi, I have been considering converting my EDO version from EDF to pusher. Mine has got a Cyclone 64mm fan making a bit over 600W, and it is not as fast as my stock Phase 3 F-16. I would rather make it a pusher and get better performance and free up a good fan to use in a better airframe! This thread may help motivate me to get on with it
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Beem thinking of doing the same with my F-15.
Wondering what would be a good motor to use.
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The F-15 airframe has alot of drag so making it speedy will require lots of watts. I ended up using a E-Flight Park 480 outrunner spinning a APC 9x6E prop with a 2200 4 cell pack. I would guess that top speed was around 75mph on this setup with flights around 10 minutes of mixed flying.

This was the biggest prop I could fit without the motor getting warm on a 4 cell and the pack was needed to balance the plane anyways. Its not one of those planes you can just throw around the sky and doesnt like high G loading in tight turns. The wings will flex and start snapping glue joints as I found out more than a few times.
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I'm thinking of doing my J Power twin 64mm EDF Eurofighter as a pusher . Just to keep it light and fast and simpler
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