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Default Project Globetrotter Rules/Guidelines/Donations/Route/Progress

Per the Project Globetrotter discussion thread, this is the summary of the project, and its rules. They should be common sense to everyone, but it is necessary to state them all.

Pilots of WattFlyer will all play a part in the flying and passing on of 1 electric plane, in a general eastward direction, The plane will be flown, photographed, marked and logged by each pilot, until it completely circumnavigates the planet.

This will be the First time such a feat was completed by an international group of volunteer R/C pilots.

Her design is that of a Wing Dragon / BeginAir / Junior Fly pro 4ch frame. And her name is WattFlyer Global 1 (WG1).

Rules / Requirements when Pilot receives WG1
1-Pilot is required to make a minimum of 2 photos of WG1, at least 1 must clearly contain the pilot, WG1 and a recognizable local land mark identifying the location of the pilot. These photos will be posted in the MISSION thread at WattFlyer as soon as the pilot is able. The other is requested, not required, to be an in-flight photo from the ground.Other photos are more than welcome and encouraged. post 50 pictures if you like!!

2-Pilot is required to make a complete entry in the WG1 Log book. The pilot may decorate their page as they please but all fields should be filled out to ensure its authenticity for the project. The only personal information requested in the log is Pilot’s First initial, Last name, city, state/province, country. The rest is flight info..

3-Pilot can allow friends or other enthusiasts to participate (ie local club members) but the additional pilot, now being on the project, must also log, photograph WG1 and post on WattFlyer. This may require the added pilot to create a profile on WattFlyer (ie stinkweed’s pal) for posting.

4-Pilot may upgrade the electrics (motor, batteries, servos, ESC) but with the understanding that this modification, and support equipment (ie compatible battery charger) will remain with the aircraft and passed along so that the next pilot receives a (less TX/RX) flight ready aircraft. Any charging device MUST be able to use 12 VDC (car battery) power. No exceptions. Proposed modifications must be discussed and agreed upon in the thread BEFORE the pilot installs their upgrade. All donated upgrades are of the pilots free will. Pilot should not expect to be compensated for upgrades and repairs.

5-Temporary modifications to WG1 will present un-due wear or damage to WG1 (ie “I just wanted to try this motor”) This is a project aircraft, not a test craft, temporary modifications are strongly discouraged.

5a-Exception: Cameras and Video equipment for Aerial Photography (AP) and Aerial Video (AV) do not have to remain with the aircraft. However, If an AP or AV set is donated to WG1, then it MUST remain with WG1, as well as necessary accessories, throughout her journey even if non functional. Broken camera gear may/should be returned to he/she who donated it, or through Stinkweed007.

6-Pilot is requested to place a small sticker of the pilot's internationally recognized country on WG1, but in such a way that the overall function of WG1 is not impaired. Please do not put a flag sticker on if your country's flag already exists.

7-Pilot is required to mark WG1 with their WF Screen name, location and flight date to corrispond to their log book entry. The pilot will use the provided marker to do so, this to ensure a uniform appearance.

8-Pilots wishing to join the project once underway should send a PM to Stinkweed007, however can be, unfortunately, denied if pilot’s location greatly disrupts the general eastward travel of WG1. (denial example-WG1 is in Utah and a pilot from Hawaii wishes admission)

9-Pilot personal/sensitive information will NOT be shared in any part of the thread by any person(s) other than the pilots themselves if they wish to do so.

10-WG1 will be shipped, trying to keep the weight as low as possible. Participating pilots understand that they must use their own proven 3-4 channel radio system and receiver.

10a-WG1 MUST be shipped in a way that it can be tracked via online tracking, tracking numbers will be sent to Stinkweed007 via PM.

11-WG1 will NOT be fitted with any explosives, chemicals, pyrotechnics, fireworks, projectiles or propulsion devices (other than a single electric motor). Use of such items in this project, regardless if local law permits, is strictly prohibited for legal , safety and environmental reasons.

12-WG1 will be shipped 100% clean and free of dirt, mud, oil, corrosive chemicals or flammible chemicals in accordance with EPA and other simmilar federal/international standards.

13-WG1, throughout the project, is the personal property of Stinkweed007. However, the participating pilots fly her with the understanding that any damage to WG1 is 100% the flying pilot’s responsibility to repair. But, memorial parts (parts with markings or stickers from her trip) will continue to be shipped with WG1.

14-WattFlyer, the WattFlyer staff, Stinkweed007 assume absolutely no financial nor legal responsibility for damage to person or property during the flight of WG1 by the participating pilots. Local law, restrictions, AMA
and FAA guidelines apply to ALL pilots.

15-Financial assistance for shipping may be granted on an individual basis and will be coordinated through Stinkweed007. Reimbursement is the preferred method with a legitimate receipt of costs incurred. Costs of any shipping method which includes the transportation of the pilot or other persons (ie car, boat, train, flight) is considered a personal decision by the pilot and will not be considered for reimbursement unless no other shipping means were available. These issues will be handled via Private Message because the public displaying of rates and shipping invoices is commonly prohibited by most parcel services.

16-Promotional items, public or private memento’s, Commercial, Political or Obscene markings and advertisements or anything other than the items needed to log or fly WG1 are Forbidden due to weight, preference, and unwelcome solicitation.

17-The shipping box should remain in decent shipping condition.

17a-Pilots are encouraged to place stickers on the INSIDE of the shipping container but following the guideline in item #16.

17b-Do not place any 'tourist' stickers on the exterior of the box, this should prevent theft of WG1 by any persons of any postal/delivery service.

Plain text
This is not a race, but pilots are requested to participate with a Receive, Photograph, Fly, Log, Post, Send as quickly as they are able frame of mind. It is requested that pilots prepare for the arrival of WG1 by saving a bit of money prior. It is requested that WG1 spend no longer than 1 week at any one location.

Use good judgment while flying so that a positive light remains on the project and its pilots. Do not push the limits and do something crazy which stops the project or gets you in trouble.

The Confederate flag is NOT an Internationally recognized Country flag. While some believe “The south may rise again..” it aint happened yet.

This is an INTERNATIONAL project. There will be absolutely no defacing altering or destroying of entries, symbols or other objects on the basis of Nationality, Religious belief, Political views, Race or Gender.

Point of Contact for this project is Stinkweed007

This project has no, and will no longer request, sponsorship or endorsement.

The project, respectfully, has no affiliation nor endorsement to or from
The Harlem Globetrotters ™
Parkflyers ™
Hobby Lobby International ™
Conrad Electronic SE

PROJECT GLOBETROTTER pre maiden discussion/planning.
MISSION GLOBETROTTER post maiden journey.

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Default Donations for Project Globetrotter


-Many pilots will need assistance in their shipping charges. Many more have offered to help. Since the US Postal service and other parcel agencies either forbid or discourage the sending of cash money through the mail, a PayPal account will be used to donate and distribute money to pilots in need.

-It is requested that those who know they will be needing assistance, open a free PayPal account and register it. While PayPal will request the account holder’s personal information when setting up an account, PayPal neither shares nor requires personal information in their transactions. Just an E-mail Address.

-Any Pilot or Follower of the project may donate Any amount to this project.

-Timothy FitzGerald (Stinkweed007) will provide a running detailed usage report to those who have donated and request a report. This report will include the 1 requestor’s donated amount, the amount of donating parties, and amounts sent to pilots in need. However, personal information of donators and specific donation amounts will be held in the strictest of confidence and not be given out to Anyone at Anytime.

Again, no report or request will display names, cash amounts or personal data of those who have donated.

Example report to Stinkweed007

Donator: Stinkweed007 (requestor WattFlyer screen name)
Donation Amount: 25 euro (requestor's donation)
Date Donated: 31 May 07 (date of requestor's last donation)
Total donators: 999 (total number of persons who have donated)

1 Pilot assisted: WG1guy (Wattflyer screen name)
Assist date: 1 Jan 99
Assistance amount: 1000 euro

2 Pilot assisted: WG1gal
Assist date: 1 Jan 99
Assistance amount: 1000 US Dollars

-When you make a PayPal donation to Globetrotter, there is a text field in the transaction window. Those donators wishing a report should enter their WattFlyer screen name so that it is known that they have contributed. This information is important so that Stinkweed007 knows who is eligible for the donation usage information.

-Those who wish to donate anonymously, need only to write “WG1 anonymous donation” in the text field. Anonymous donators will not receive any usage reports.

-Donations will be free of commercial involvement. Project Globetrotter has proudly been commercial free and wishes to remain so.

-Please note that PayPal or credit card companies may impose fees (other than PayPal to PayPal) on certian types of transactions or currancy exchange rates, this may lower your end donation total.

-A final report WILL be made public at the completion of the project. This report will only display Total donations (in US dollars) Total Expenses (assistance provided) and leftover amount.

-Leftovers of the donations will be donated to the Project Completion party (possibly at the next SEFF) or to something mutually enjoyable and agreed upon by the participants. (like t-shirts hats or lanyards if funds permit)

-Project Globetrotter is not a charity organization, so I don’t believe you will be writing this off on your taxes.

Links to PayPal

-PayPal General info

-Donations to the PayPal account can be made via other PayPal accounts or with credit cards. Per PayPal website, The credit card information is Not sent to the recipient. Only the amount and a transaction note entered by the Sender.

www.paypal.com then click the Send Money tab at the top of the page and follow instructions.

-The donation e-mail address for this project requested in the PayPal transaction is
( remove the 3 dashes between the 7 and @ symbol )

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Default The Route

and Pilot Record
(Periodically updated)

XXXXXXX Pilot flown, posted and logged
XXXXXXX Pilot currently holding Wiggy
XXXXXXX Pilot still to fly - confirmed
XXXXXXX Pilot unavailable

European Phase (11)

1. stinkweed007 Bierstadt, Germany (1 June 07)
2. max2112 Bayern, Germany (3 June 07)
3. sadkingbilly Zwolle, Netherlands (21 July 07)
4. shinpaku As, Belgium (13 September 07)
5. billmac55 Scarborough, England (22 September 07)
6. pablo27 Chatham, England (29 September 07)
7. English Electric London, England (6 October 07)
8. Jkc123 Dublin, Ireland (28 October 07)
9. fdix Moghegno, Switzerland (12 February 2008)
10. r kopka Graz, Austria (29 February 08)
11. melsoft Constanta County, Romania (21 April 08)

African Phase (5) Abandoned

BEX Pofadder, South Africa
Raad Cairo Egypt
Geoff Gino South Africa
Drusky South Africa
Sharlykzn South Africa

Western Pacific Phase (11)

12. Son of Paleface Adelaide, Australia (24 May 08)
13. The Panther Adelaide, Australia (24 May 08)
14. kgfly Melbourne, Australia (31 May 08)
15. NumbThumbs Melborne, Australia (31 May 08)
16. MisterNiceGuy Blue Mountains, Australia (17 June 08)
17. Sam K Sydney, Australia (2 July 08)
18. mickey t Sydney, Australia (13 July 08)
19. Boomerang Sydney, Australia (14 July 08)
20. 41south Wellington, New Zealand (18 Aug 08)
21. velojet Auckland, New Zealand (4 Sep 08)
22. bronney Hong Kong, China (16 Nov 08)

Hawaii (1)

23. Hircflyer (28 Jan 09)

South American Phase (2) Abandoned

Cebola Brazil
Guga Brazil

North American Phase (35 ... and counting)

24. firemanbill SEFF 2009, USA (30 April 09) Yorktown VA, USA (6 May 09)
25. Murocflyer Gloucester VA, USA (6 May 09)
26. crxmanpat Mesa AZ, USA (16 May 09 1st flight with AP chase plane; 1st flight with brushless)
27. h8tobu Mesa AZ, USA (16 May 09)
28. Nitro Blast San Diego CA, USA (18 July 09)
29. Nitro Blast Jr San Diego CA, USA(18 July 09)
30. NotAnAceYet Yorba Linda CA, USA (26 August 09)
31. Mrslancer31 Santa Barbara CA, USA (23 September 09)
32. Lancer31 Santa Barbara CA, USA (23 September 09)
33. Biplane Murphy Lancaster CA, USA (23 October 09)
34. EUT Carmichael CA, USA (1 November 09)
35. Sky Sharkster Denver CO, USA (5 December 09)
36. ScratchBuilder Richmond BC, Canada (25 December 09)
37. lmopar69 Ft Campbell TN, USA (17 February 10)
38. Don Sims Dyer TN, USA (21 February 10)
39. billintn Dyer TN, USA (21 February 10)
40. Uh-Oh! Dyer TN, USA (21 February 10)
41. cadmn Ft Worth TX, USA (28 February 10)
42. Thunderbird840819 Ft Worth TX, USA (28 February 10)
43. Slowjohn Mid-coastal TX, USA (12 March 2010)
44. Airhead Huntsville AL, USA (1 April 2010 )
45. Warningshot McAlester OK, USA (26 May 2010)
46. Rabbitcreekok McAlester OK, USA (26 May 2010)
47. surfer dude Tulsa OK, USA (30 May 2010)
48. j4ck4 Tulsa OK, USA (31 May 2010)
49. picnut Tulsa OK, USA (31 May 2010)
50. smokejohnson Tulsa OK, USA (31 May 2010)
51. Lieutenant Loughead Tulsa OK, USA (15 June 2010)
52. Frank Voikel Lake Elmo MN, USA (16 July 2010)
53. Chrisc321[/B] Las Vegas NV, USA (25 July 2010)
54. wilmracer Manassas VA, USA (12 September 2010)
55. weathervane Baltimore MD, USA (3 October 2010)
56. vax6335 Muncie IN, USA (9 October 2010)
57. K CLOSE Dutchess Co NY, USA (18 October 2010)
58. Ryan Flyer Hyde Park NY, USA (20 October 2010)
59. pd1 Haverhill MA, USA (3 November 2010)
60. iflyrc1012 Brooklyn NY, USA (12 November 2010)
61. RacerPaul Bellport NY, USA (11 April 2011)

max2112 Ramstein, Germany
... in transit ...
stinkweed007 Qatar

United Kingdom
New Zealand
United States

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