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Default Project Globetrotter Flight Log

1 June 2007
Project Globetrotter Mission

My name is Stinkweed007, and I sit atop a growing list of international pilots

The plan here is to fly and send 1 electric airplane around the world.

Her name is
Wattflyer Global 1

We have been planing and sculpting this project for over a month. You can read all about the project in the following threads


Bierstadt, Germany - 1 June 07

This evening I took WG1 to my second field by the Bierstadter Wartturm for the (as Grasshopper put it)"Maiden heard round the World".

Radio- Graupner JR X-412 (6ch)
Channels used- 4
Flight Location- Bierstadt Germany
Add ons- Wireless micro camera with 9v battery (70g total)
Mods- Stock
Remarks- Her first flight, I had my micro camera on board, and my gal held my camcorder. Off we went. WG1 had a bit of difficulty because of strong cross winds from the bad weather earlier. So I didnt take her high. I topped out at about 20m then did a few circuits and then brought her down in high grass because the normal landing path was riddled with bad little wind gusts.

Her second flight, I brought her up a bit, but she was whipped around by the winds again. so I brought her down.

The maiden went great!!! She was very responsive but I will make an adjustment on the elevator so that she climbs a bit better.

She is ready to go around the world. I will fly her more tomorrow. Then Sunday she begins her journey as I bring her to Max2112 south of here.

enjoy the following photos and I will post the videos in the morning.

and once again thanks to Hr. Lorenz at my LHS for making this moment happen on time.

pilots wishing to join this project, please read the Rules and Guidelines.

Thanks and HERE WE GO!!
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Smile Bayern, Germany - 3 June 07

WG1 has finished another leg!
Last night (June 3rd) I met up with Stinkweed007 and had an awesome time assembling and flying WG1.
We had planned on more time to fly and visit and photograph etc. but Stink and I were limited to one battery for each of us and just the photos we took there at the field. I wish we could have had more time, but that's just the way it had to be.

Man what a blast! I arrived at our parade field on post and maidened my new Chubby Lady CLICK waiting for stinkweed007 to arrive. He pulled up and we chatted as he assembled his plane and I put WG1 together with my transmitter.
To me this part epitomizes the whole project: Two buddies with an instant camaraderie getting to know each other and doing pre-flight checks!
Here are some pictures of the first part of the evening.

I tell you what guys, that was the most nervous I have ever been launching a RC plane. I didn't want to let the project down. So....
one last preflight check, face the wind, motor all the way up, and heave-ho!
I am kind of glad Stinkweed didn't have his video rolling, because that must have been the ugliest 200 feet in RC history!
She stayed about ten feet off the deck, I kept climbing too fast, almost stalling, yawing left and right and then overcompensating. But eventually I got it figured out and settled in to fly some circuits and figure eights. Once I quieted the butterflies, it quickly became apparent that WG1 is a very responsive, agile airplane. She is a real joy to fly.
More pics:
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Default Zwolle, Netherlands - 21 July 07

Wel.. She flew! Although really unstable (because of the wind coming in over the dike and buildings, creating turbulence, and the thermals on the field).. Made two flights, first was 5 minutes full throttle to get to know her, the second almost 8 minutes variating, using a little thermal. A clubmember filmed it, I hope he puts it online this weekend, I'll post it here then. Some pictures were also made. And next tuesday - just before I send her to England - I'll make some pictures of her in the "polder", where we threw the sea out and made land out of it.

Is there already another thread where I can post this so we just get an list of online logs? I really like the idea of www.projectglobetrotter.com!


terrible quality video of first flight of WG1 in the Netherlands. Location: flying field @ Kampen. At about 2/3 of the video you see my face pop in and out. When it seems I'm nervous - well, that's because I was Look at the ground, in places there's over 4" of water on the field. And WG1 is not what I would call "waterproof".. The one filming called it my project. Oh well, for about 15 minutes it was

Still have to make some stills..


I'm ready now to send on WG1 - so where would you like me to send her? for me it doesn't make any difference, price is the same. But who is closer to the stop after that, the pilot in england or the one in belgium?

I know that the english pilot will be on vacation for the next three weeks. I'll ask him if it's ok with him to get her after his vacation. Then she won't be laying on some workbench for three weeks

Here are the promised pictures of WG1, made at the "zaanse schans". Sorry for the poor lighting, my wife made the pictures and I didn't want to argue with her (as we just walked for ten minutes to get there and she was really annoyed with me already )

Also, there was an video made from the flight I made saturday, however I don't have email from that person, I'll ask him to put it on youtube when I see him saturday..

Well, here's the video I promised. Cut a little short to improve downloading, the original was over 80Mb.. Made By Gert Bartelink, a fellow club member in Kampen.

As you can see there's quite a lot of wind and some turbulence but once I got her on a decent altitude (100") it's a bit quieter. Still a bit jumpy though..

www.sadkingbilly.com/globetrotter.wmv (to save, right click, save target as)

-edit- seems there's a problem with the video (only plays 1:18 then stops and starts over), I've already asked him to look at it..
-edit 2 - argh! it's not an .vmw file but WMV
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Default As, Belgium - 13 September 07

I can proudly present the flight of WG1 over EBZW in Genk. The wind was rather tricky but the plane did what she needed to do.


Some pictures:

It did feel good to see her fly. Wind was a little tricky but the plane is flying stable enough to manage once she gets airborne, at the start steering feels a little heavy. Once you have build up enough airspeed, she flies smoothly.For me it was a nice experience and the mechanics at the airstrip did like it also. They loved the idea of a small plane flying around the world.

I just put her back in the box. Tomorrow she will take off on that cargo plane I hope.

The flight was ok. Only the start is somewhat tricky as the plane needs to build up enough airspeed to fly well. Steering is a little bit heavy at first. Once in the air everything goes well.

As the other airplane concerns, I couldn't find a box that's large enough and the pilot didn't have time enough to fly WG1 to England;

Thanks, Stink for making this possible. This makes the world a little smaller and I can talk to fellow pilots all over the world.
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Hi Guys,

Two flights in the UK to log.
The site I was going to use has been covered in costal fog for most of the day, so in the end I flew at Ruswarp, near Whitby in North Yorkshire, 12 miles away. The last time I flew there was about 10 years ago.
Both fligths hand launched, no problems. Got rid of the 'fear factor' on flight 1 and had a hoot on flight 2.
Photos by my friend Dave 'Budgie' Bryant. I lucked out on the sites I had intended to use, Budge recommended the Ruswarp site.
Will post location shots tomorrow.
Paul, it will be Monday before I can send WG1 on to you.
Stinkweed, thanks for organising the project.

Onwards and upwards,
Bill M,
Scarborough, UK.

Originally Posted by shinpaku View Post
Great, Bill. Nice pictures. Did the plane behave well? Welcome to the club of experienced WG1 pilots.
Hi Karel, I set the CG at 27% main chord, but she felt nose heavy, no problem as I just flew her on the sticks, was too nervous to adjust the trims. Rolls well and likes fast sweeping turns ( I used to fly PSS jets ). Floats on in the glide, had to power up on first landing and go around again. Glad to say I did not do any damage to the plane even though it was a rough field, landing speed was so low that she just tipped on her nose on both landings.
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Originally Posted by Jkc123 View Post
Did she get up yet?
Just returned from 3 successful flights with WG1

All went as planned with Paul (English electric) assisting with the photography. We have some great shots of WG1 in flight, although the air to air proved tricky due to the differing flying characteristics of the Wing Dragon and the AP Easystar.

I will return with a full report & photos soon.

Originally Posted by Jkc123 View Post
Excellent!! Didnt Paul fly for his own "area" or your giving it to him and then he will be flying it?? He is next on the list, right?? Sounds like you had a good flight!! Awaiting the report and photos! Jack
With the stock batteries, flying time is quite lmited, so there wasn't time for Paul to take over the reigns. I will pass over WG1 to Paul so that he can record his flight/s hopefully next weekend. I still have a few things to square up for my log/report first. I am sure that Paul has a few scene pictures lined up from his area that will make WG1's stay in the UK one to remember.

Sorry guys I was hoping to finish my log today but the weather has hampered my remaining landmark/scene shots and video that was planned today. I will open the log now and once the remainder is complete add to it.

WG1 flight 29th September 2007 Chatham, UK.

I met up with English electric eary afternoon and we drove around the area searching for a suitable venue to record the WG1 flights. We originally drove to a village called Upnor which is opposite the historic Chatham dockyard, unfortunately we could not find a large enough field to fly,we did record a couple of photos of our visit. (outside the Tudor rose pub & oppposite the tall ship).
We then tried the dockyard itself but once again could not find an ideal flying area. Eventually it was decided that we would use my usual location, very close to where I live. This has a wide grass area as you will see in the photos and had just been cut but the local farmers ready for the winter.

For the first flight I wanted to to feel my way as I am used to my uprated Wing Dragon that has a brushless motor and LiPo battery. I was very pleased with WG1's performance, she turned easily and responded well to all control inputs. This was a short flight of maybe 2 minutes as we wanted to shoot some air to air AP shots.

Once EE was ready I sent WG1 back up and completed a selection of circuits whilst Paul(EE) flew above with his AP equipped EasyStar. I ran a complete battery down during this flight which lasted as estimated 10 mins.

For the third flight I switched to battery #2 while Paul used video on his EasyStar to film the flight. The second battery took me by surprise as WG1 clearly lacked performance from the hand launch similar to the other two flights. I had to turn away from the wind as she would not initially climb, once I had circled gathering speed she picked up altitude gradually. This made shooting air to air film tricky for Paul as I had to constantly circle to maintain speed. I managed an estimated 7 mins with the second battery and once some altitude was gained felt comfortable flying her.

The second battery is clearly underperforming compared to the first, though we did suffer from increased winds during the battery switch. I had also flown my own WD inbetween the second and third flights. We also suffered from increased low cloud at around this time which tended to affect the wind speed.

Due to the stubby grass I hand launched and bellied the landings for all the flights. WG1 feels very nicely balanced and even with the lesser grunt of the 2 nd battery always felt completely in control.

The only problems with WG1 that we encountered was that of a connection with one of the two wires from the ESC that connects to the battery. The ESC would set itself once connected and then switch back off once placed into the fuselage. It seems that there maybe a break in the wire/s somewhere that will investigate before the handover to Paul for the next flights. For the second flight we checked that this problem would not affect us by testing WG1 at various angles before flying. Obviously losing the connection to the ESC whilst airbourne would be catasrophic in terms of possible 'heavy landing' damage.
The other area of lesser concern is a usual Wing Dragon fault. The elevator mounting holes have become slightly elongated which causes the elevator to twist slightly on landings. I used a small piece of tape as a temporary fix for the flights.

I have posted various shots of the flights below, as I mentioned earlier I am aiming for some video to be shot of one more flight before passing over to WG1's next mission.

Enjoy the pictures,I must thank Paul for doing an excellent job with them and thank Stink for letting me have a chance to be involved with this project.

I intended to give WG1 another flight before the hand over to English electric, but strong winds curtailed all attempts, I did however take a few more scene shots featuring the bird and here they are.

I managed to find a GB sticker but couldn'd find a Belgian or Dutch, so sorry Alwin and Karel but I tried my best. Perhaps somebody else might have some luck.

Rochester airport is a stones throw away from my house and the English Electric Lightning is parked outside my 'works'. It was restored by a group of enthusiasts who are associated with BAE Systems and Rochester airport.

I met up with Paul (EE) this afternoon and handed over WG1 to him, I am sure that his report will feature here shortly.
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Default WG1's Third stop in England

WG1 was delivered to me today by Pablo27.

We met up at about 1.15pm at Wisley Airfield in Surrey, which is about 8 Miles from Guildford, where I live.

The airfield has been abandoned since the early 70's.
It was previously owned by Vickers and then BAC [British Aircraft Corporation] when our aircraft manufacturers were amalgamated in 1960.

Wisley info:http://www.juliantemple.com/

BAC became BAE [British Aerospace] which incidentally is the Company Pablo27 works for!

Our second location [Brooklands] was connected with Wisley Airfield when it was an aircraft manufacturing plant. It's now a Museum.

History lesson over!

The airfield still has an Asphalt run way, which as you will see from the AP shots from my Easystar, is just about big enough to fly a Wing Dragon from!

We set the plane up and I took it for my first flight.

The wind was brisk, but perfectly fine for the plane.
She shot along the run way and started to climb at a slow but steady pace.
I have a Wing Dragon which I've not flown for a long time. It brought back memories of struggling into the wind, that I have long forgotten about since flying with Lipo/Brushless!
It got some height in the end though! All part of the fun...

I flew a few circuits and brought her in. It's really nice to be able to take off and land on the ground.
My Easystar is the only plane I tend to fly these days, which of course needs a hand launch.

I put in another flight, this time with Pablo27 filming with his Camcorder. I'm hoping he will be able to upload the results to Youtube and post here...

He did film a flight with my Kodak compact camera which you can see here: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=k_hg5TB9hL8

The quality obviously is not a patch on a Camcorder, but will have to do for now.

I had brought a ParkZone Spitfire along with me, which I decided to try it's battery out in WG1.
It'a a 9 cell 10.8v with the same connecter as a Wing Dragon. The standard battery is 8 cell 8.4v.

Wow! What a differance.

It shot along the run way and climbed in a much more positive manner.
I would recommend one to future WG1 Pilots.....

After my flights with WG1, I took my AP Easystar up to get some shots of the area we flew in to show you all.
Pablo27 flew his Uprated [Brushless/Lipo] Wing Dragon at the same time. I got some pretty good air to air shots. His is Red too. Pity they were not of WG1...

Pablo decided it was better to quit why he was ahead, and not fly WG1. It may have been tempting fate. I don't think he wanted to risk crashing it after doing the hand over! I don't blame him...

So no WG1 air to air I'm affraid.

Once I had got some successful flights in, we headed to Brooklands Museum to get some ground shots of WG1 next to some British Icons.
The most impressive being Concorde!

The Museum calls it self the Cradle of British Motorsport and Aviation.
They have a very good collection of Aircraft that were made at the site and a great many cars that used to race on the [in]famous banked circuit.

Museum Website: http://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/

We walked around the aircraft on display, taking shots of WG1. As you can imagine we had to explain what we were doing to quite a few people that were giving us funny looks!

As well as Concorde, we found a London Bus and a Red Telephone box to photograph.
So many British Icons in one place!

We boarded a Vickers VC-10 that was previously owned by the Sultan of Oman.

One of the Museum staff members asked if I'd like a shot of WG1 on the Sultans bed!
He unhooked the rope and I posed for the shot!

We then headed back to the sharp end to sit in the Captains seat, where again we explained to the Staff member giving a talk about the various controls, what we were up to!

A special mention has to go out to Pablo27's Teenage Son, who was bored out of his mind as Two recycled Teenagers thoroughly enjoyed them selves!

He'll know what to say next time his Dad suggests doing something like this!

We said our goodbyes and said we'd meet up again for some flying in the near future.

I will try to take some more photos and maybe an onboard video over the next Couple of days.


I took WG1 back to the airfield that Pablo27 and I flew from yesterday, to shoot an on board video.

Although the day was pretty overcast, the wind was very calm, so pretty good conditions...

I used an Aiptek Pencam SD camera as it's the lightest I have. Unfortunatly the quality is not too great though...
It was crudely attached using elastic bands!

As I was adding a bit of extra weight, I decided to use a 3 cell Lipo for some extra go.
I used my 2200Mah pack from my EZ*. It's lighter than the stock Wing Dragon battery, but not much. The extra speed did the trick.

My ParkZone Spitfire came in handy again, as it comes supplied with an adapter lead which converts the Tamiya type connecter to [in my case] a JST connecter that my Lipo uses.

As you will see it gets airbourne with ease.
I think the extra weight helps to smooth the flying characteristics out nicely.

I used full throttle for the take off, but eased off once in the air to give the electrics an easier time as the Lipo is putting some extra voltage through.

Here's the video: http://media.putfile.com/WG1-On-boar...Surrey-England

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Hey everyone just got back from a not so successful flight!
I went of early to fly in the Phoenix park, got there, the sun was shining with blue skies, then the wind picked up like wildfire! I had come to far to not fly so I set her up and went to get pictures! The pictures are at the Papal Cross which is where the Pope said Mass to basically the whole off Ireland!! The wind was blowing me here there and everywhere! At least the pictures were successful!

Then I went over to a big green part which was where there are a lot a football and rugby pitches!! This was a good spot to fly so I went and got everything plugged in and ready to go!! I took a small first flight just to make sure all was good! It was a throw start to get it into the wind! I did a small circuit and then landed!! That was as good as it was going to get!

Once again it was thrown and I brought her up, then disaster! I didn't know what had happened but all of a sudden the prop stopped and the servos stopped! No control what soever!! It hit the ground and flipped!! It wasn't to high so the damage wasn't severe!!! I walked over nervously and popped the top open! The battery connector had come apart from the ESC!! The rudder section has broke aprt from fgrom the plane but all it needs is a bit of glue!!! Due to this failure by myself, I couldnt get any good pictures! The best one I have is the smallest bit of the tail in the edge of the picture!!

The good news is that it did fly here in Ireland so it can be checked off the list! It wasnt the longest or probably wont be the longest on the tour of the world!! So its off to Stink for its continued journey!! Stink has a new rudder for the plane so nothing is wrong, just the old one off and the new one on!! It was really great being part of this and hopefully has loads more successful flights in the future!!!

((Just resizing pics now!!))

Here they are!!!

Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	Dscf0576.jpg
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Name:	Dscf0577.jpg
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Name:	Dscf0578.jpg
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Name:	Dscf0573.jpg
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ID:	45768  

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Build Review

I dont....

Weather panned out for me... Wiggy is going up today!!!!!!


Lancer.. I picked out the music just for you!!

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I'm back form two short flights! Both were uneventful really, nice weather just a slight breeze and no problems whatsoever.

I flew Wiggy with a Clodfusion Lipo 3s 2100mAh pack (20/40C 167g 25x34x100mm). I did avoid full throttle. I gave only a small burst for takeoff. Current WOT is 14.8A. After landing the motor was cold, this partly because of temperature around 10°C and also because I always used as little power as possible.

She needs 2-3mm of up trim and a bit of right trim on the ailerons. CG under the spar (aircraft hanging level) seemed fine. Control throws were maximum possible with some negative expo (forgot to turn if off...) handling was good for an aircraft of this type.

I also think that changing to deans plugs is a good idea. I have some lying around that I will not use because I prefer the 4mm gold plugs.
Everybody use his own batteries is probably the best solution. 3s LiPos should not be a problem unless you fly in a ON/OFF manner. For ON flying a 2s would be safer. :p With a 3s 2100mAh pack CG is just right so that would be a natural choice.

Shall I change the plugs?

Now I need the address of the next pilot. I could have Wiggy sent tomorrow.

Video is in the making...


Thanks everybody for the compliments!

Yeah I won't forget the sticker. I did the deans upgrade (see picture) and threw 4 extra pairs in. I also got the adress of r-kopka in Austria! Wiggy will probably be off tomorrow afternoon.

Pitty Youtube ruins the quality of the video...
Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	wiggy4.jpg
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Name:	wiggy5.jpg
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Name:	wiggy3.jpg
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Name:	wiggy2.jpg
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Name:	wiggy1.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	deans.jpg
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Originally Posted by stinkweed007 View Post
How we doin Kopka?
I made my flights today. The surroundings are not so nice as in Switzerland I'm sorry :-) The video will take some time as I didn't cut a movie before.

I can send Wiggy on monday if I get the next address.

There seems to be a bad connection at the Nixx battery or the adapter. I used my own battery (2s1700 about 7-8A could be more but enough power).

Here are my pictures and a movie(link). Please excuse the quality but it will do as proof.
As soon as I get the next address Wiggy will be on its way.

Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	SA402241_s.jpg
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Name:	SA402242_s.jpg
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Name:	RK1.JPG
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Name:	RK2.JPG
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Smile Wiggy in Romania - First Flights

I managed to go early from the second job so quick to home. The pack was charged at work so all was prepared. The plane is flying like a charm, no hands indeed. A light wind and a cool sun, a perfect ending day. Enjoy the pictures, movies will be soon posted.
Setup was stock with NiMh 1000 mAh. I used also a 3 cell Lipo 1800 mAh, no need for more than half of full throttle. TX was my Futaba 6 channels in 2.4 GHz. I used a hand-launching and the landing was so easy.

There is also an youtube variant, but the quality is lower (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8b_8E46EWc)...
Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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Name:	IMG_0012m.jpg
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Name:	IMG_0013m.jpg
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Name:	IMG_0017m.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0018m.jpg
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Well ...what ??..

Well every thing went well , it was a bit gusty and added to that WIGGY was way out of trim , so the first few seconds where pretty scary take this advise ; have someone next to you to get to the aileron and elevator trims while you fly the plane I didnt....anyway I managed to sort it out then it was Ok
The Gunther prop that was on it gave reasonable thrust , but the motor without any extra cooling holes gets hot , so needed to let it cool for Bob (Panther) to fly it
I will be leaving with it to go to Melbourne on Monday 26th
Thats me with the Aussie flag.....Oh and WIGGY now also has a pilot
more piccys to come

Here's more , taken in the main city square and at the statue of the city of Adelaide's founder

The sixth one is me and a good friend who helped out with camera duties ect on the day Dave Whitten
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Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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Default Melbourne, Australia - 31 May 08

Well what a pleasure it was to meet some great guys in person

SonOfPaleface (aka SoP/Ian), UpYouGo (aka UyG/Ray) and NumbThumbs (aka NT/David) all met at my place by 9am this morning for what turned out to be a ripper morning of flying, fun and friendly companionship. Although a little overcast at first, the weather was dead calm and the clouds broke up to give us gorgeous autumn sunshine.

I loaded up the car with some extra toys and we headed off to check my local flying sites for availability. My six year old son Jonathan decided to come along and supervise, helping to adjust the average age down by several decades The first two parks were occupied by sports teams but the third, a generous footy oval (about 500m perimeter) was idle and ready for us to have some fun.

SoP and NT were already experts at unpacking and assembling Wiggy so I watched and learned. Since NT had not yet had a chance to fly Wiggy he was first up. The first launch revealed some trimming issues with an almost irresistable right bank but NT brought it in safely. After some adjustments it was back into the air for a real flight. I leave it to NT to tell the tale of his flight and landing No damage done to plane or person and some good laughs all around.

SoP flew his still-camera AP ship with impressive style while I swapped out the Rx in Wiggy so I could fly with my own Tx (mode 2 whereas SoP, UyG and NT are all mode 1!).

Then it was my turn. After an initial problem with the throttle, Wiggy passed the pre-flight and with some trepidation I gave the launch command and NT performed a smooth and well practiced toss.

My preparatory trimming proved very close and was spared the stress that SoP and NT went through on their first launches. Wiggy climbed smoothly with just a slight right bank which a couple more click of aileron trim fixed right up.

The still air, sunshine and humourous peanut gallery all made for a glorious flight. Wiggy handled very nicely with some gentle aerobatics. Whether the loops turning into corkscrews were due to the plane or the pilot I will leave to your judgement, but the outcome was entertaining regardless

Time came to land so I brought Wiggy in on approach but the first pass proved too high so I went around again and it came in for a smooth landing right on target.

Other than a little dirt on its belly from the moist ground, Wiggy escaped the day's adventures unscathed and I was very pleased to have avoided a Blunder DownUnder

I flew my HyperFlea, Hurricane550 and Trex450 for some extra fun. SoP flew his Beast video AP plane. As a heli pilot and park flyer I am used to flying relatively low and close in. My goodnes SoP can fly his planes high up and far out with precision and style, it was impressive to see.

We returned to my place for refreshments and to review some of the photos before parting company around 1pm. I will post some photos soon.

It was a great morning and I want to thank StinkWeed for his initiative and passion to get this project going, Ian (SoP) for all his effort to help with our Aussie leg and all the Project pilots for making the project such fun so far. It was a real pleasure to participate.

*** GO WIGGY ***

Well here are some shots from my turn at playing with Wiggy. It was smiles all round

* Official handover from NT to kgfly
* WG1 meets some Aussies (Jonathan, HyperFlea, Hurricane550 and Trex450)
* kgfly installing his Rx
* Up, up and away
* Looping
* Coming on home
* All safe and sound
* up_ya_go (Ray) with the Honour Roll
* Aussie flag joins the collection courtesy of SoP

Some photos of Numb Thumbs' flight this morning.

* Assembling WG1
* Numb Thumbs ready to launch
* NT in charge, flying, concentrating
* WG safe and sound
Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	01_assembling_WG1.JPG
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Name:	02_NT_ready-to_go.JPG
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Name:	03_NT_in_charge.JPG
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Name:	04_NT_flying_WG1.jpg
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Name:	05_NT_concentrating.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	06_safe_again.jpg
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Name:	k01_handover_to_kglfy.jpg
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Name:	k02_wg1_meets_some_aussies.jpg
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Name:	k03_kgfly_peparing_wg1.jpg
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Name:	k04_up_and_way.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	k05_looping.jpg
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Name:	k06_coming_home.jpg
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Name:	k07_safe_again.jpg
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Name:	k08_ray_with_honour_roll.jpg
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Name:	k09_aussie_flag.jpg
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Default Another Wiggy pilot has been blooded in!!!

The ongoing saga of Wig-wig-wiggy in the Blue Mountains….

As some of you may have seen I have been frustrated over the past 10 days by abysmal flying weather….either I have had low cloud (down below our altitude), high winds or flat out rain! Some of you also may recall that officially we are in a ‘drought’ still….so all this liquid stuff is quite confounding!

The diary so far
Saturday AM – Ian (Son of Paleface) delivers Wiggy to me and the sacred handover ceremony is conducted very very close to the edge of a stunning cliff here in the Blue Mountains, King’s Tableland (¬930m), whilst we were there Ian managed a great flight which included a sortie over to the Three Sisters across the valley in Katoomba (1000m). It was a nice morning and we had light winds….I wasn’t in a position to fly Wiggy at that stage as I had already agreed to take my wife (MrsVNG) and son (MasterNG) down buy a new washing machine (ours had been struck by lightning in the last week.
Saturday PM - I was kinda hoping for a quick flight on our return…but by then the winds had picked up and the light was fading!
Sunday – high winds and low cloud
Monday – low cloud – PEA SOUP
Tuesday – ditto
Wednesday – high winds and cold
Thursday – ditto
Friday – a maybe day – but the only time during my work day the weather packed in again…so it was a no go.
Saturday – high winds, cold and raining
Sunday – high blustery winds but not quite as cold
Monday – THANK GOODNESS, low cloud (but still a few hundred feet of visibility) and LOW winds, drizzle but not that bad – I CAN DO IT. I scheduled two clients to see up in Blackheath (1025m) at their homes with 5 hours between the appointments (my usual home visits take between 1 and 3 hours) – I had Wiggy with me, all the batteries were charged, I had cameras, video and a tripod all ready….it was going to be a lunchtime spectacular in a lovely little park.
I did not expect that my 80 year old client needing a ‘routine’ assessment and home visit would actually turn out to be a 90 year old man who had just had a nasty fall the day before and was in a pretty bad way. Added to that he has NO family in the mountains, lives alone and has no services and no phone– which meant that I ended up having to take him down for X-rays, organising for him to get food and eventually to get some respite care arranged for him….my 9.30am appointment ended up finishing at 4.30pm (NO FLYING – but I did get to ride my white stallion to the rescue of a lovely guy who was full of fascinating stories!!!)
Tuesday (today) – AGAIN I woke up at 5am to find a clear sky, no winds, no rain and a very good chance of getting a flight in. So off to work I went with Wiggy tucked in behind me, with everything ready for a flight. I had two homevisits scheduled again – this time in Wentworth Falls – first at 9.30am and the 2<SUP>nd</SUP> at 2pm – surely I could get a flight in between them – right? Right? Right???

Right – I sure did and it was such a HUGE relief. I went to one of my old flying fields (a sports field) which I knew had a Astroturf surface to take off from…but boy my memory had clouded the fact that it was barely wide enough to walk on let alone take off from!
But I had committed myself by now….Wiggy was rechecked and preflights done before walking across the field to the astro turf (the run up to a long jump pit) and I setup the camera and Wiggy – I was ready to roll.
I will tell you now (some of the previous pilots will attest to this) my heart was pounding at this stage….this was the ultimate MAIDEN….there was so much riding on this.
Normally with a maiden it is a scary affair….but the consequences are mostly limited to destroying all your hard work to get the plane to the maiden stage….but with Wiggy it wasn’t just my hard work I was going to put at risk…it was all the previous pilots, Stinkweed for organising it, all the future pilots, not to mention the infamy that would be lumped on me if I was the one to write poor Wiggy off!

I will let the video do all the talking from here….but suffice to say I had a great flight, I was soooooo very relived to get her back on terra firma in one piece, my heart rate dropped by half, my palms stopped sweating and my fingers stopped trembling. I had done it….I was now officially part of the world tour and had helped Wiggy on her journey onwards.

Thanks for all your patience and I hope you enjoy the video.


Sorry for the tease but I cannot post the video tonight....it is around 1120pm now and I have been up for way way too long. It is almost ready to go but I wanted to put some finishing touches before uploading it.
Of the three photos....the video includes lots of these birds, I was lucky to avoid a $550 fine and the last is of the runway (FWIW)

<EMBED src=http://www.vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1192502&server=www.vimeo.com &show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color= &fullscreen=1 width=400 height=300 type=application/x-shockwave-flash allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always"></EMBED>
MNG - Wiggy World Tour: Destination Downunder from Tony Milne on Vimeo</A[ media]>.

To appreciate this fully, watch it full screen with the sound on. Enjoy!!
Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	galah.JPG
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ID:	69805   Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_1908.JPG
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ID:	69806   Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_1899.JPG
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OK, well.... I have kind of flown Wiggy... but by flown I mean take-off, crap my pants, and then land...

I decided that, due to the high wind over the last couple of days and the forecast of even worse today, I would go down to the field before dawn and try to get a flight in at what is usually the calmest time of day.

I got to the field at about 6:50am, it was already light but the sun was still below the horizon, unfortunately the wind was already blowing steadily. I decided I would at least put Wiggy out on the field and take some photos. The first pic below is pre-flight and shows the strip where I took off. Our flying field is a baseball field, the pic shows the run from 1st to 2nd base.

The wind calmed down a little while I checked Wiggy over and took my photos so I decided I would have a go at flying. The next ten minutes were pretty much a carbon copy of the "Benny Hill" segment from MNGs video. It took me about 10 attempts to get up in the air.

To do it I had to start at the very back edge of the second base circle, roll clean and straight down the runway from 1st to 2nd base without touching the grass and then hit the elevator as the plane hit the bump at the far edge of second base.

Wiggy then struggled to climb out under the aneamic power from the motor so I didn't have it very high (about 8m) before it was being thrown around by the wind. It was a a major handful and I was "on the sticks" with my heart in my mouth for the next two minutes while Wiggy jumped up and down and skewed around wildly in the wind all at about 5 to 10m off the deck.

I dared not take it past the edge of the field which is flanked on three sides by deep forested valleys. Even still, at one point I found myself near the downwind edge of the field and Wiggy was making no headway at full power into the wind for about 10 seconds. This was when I decided that this was just really dangerous so I brought it in to land which was surprisingly uneventful.

All up Wiggy was in the air for about 2 minutes. Needless to say I had zero chance to use the camera that was hanging off my wrist on it's strap during the flight. The sun had broken the horizon by this stage so I took a couple more pictures.

I think there is pretty much zero chance that conditions will be better when I go back to the field at 9am at the official club opening time. I would love to have a better flight with Wiggy but I'm already feeling like I've hogged the plane a bit too much so unless you guys think it's OK for me to have it for another few days then I think I will have to say that that was my flight.

Hi guys,

I finally got my flight done yesterday! It was a beautiful sunny day and the air was very calm so it was a perfect day for the flight. I flew WG1 using my 2500mAh 2S LiPo which required an extra 1/2oz lead weight to balance the plane.

Unfortunately the performance of the plane was very poor, it struggled to gain altitude at all and it was a bit of a battle to get it up, and keep it up, since every time I made a turn it would lose altitude which I would barely regain before I had to turn again to prevent from getting too far away. I'm not sure if it's just that 2S LiPo is simply not enough voltage, or if the brushed motor is getting worn out, or maybe both?

What I don't understand is that the flight performance looks great in MNGs video. What sort of battery did you use in the plane during that video MNG? Going by the performance in that video, and my own experience with WG1, I can only imagine it must have been a 3S LiPo.

Given that the 2S LiPo was double the power of the stock NiMh battery when measured with a watt meter, I can say without a doubt that there is no way the plane would be able to even take off on the stock battery anymore unless you had a very looooooong runway. I spoke to one of the veteran flyers at the field who has used NiMh for years and still does, he said that for an 8 cell pack to sag to 6V under such a light load means the pack is definitely cactus.

Given that others had expressed concerns over the higher voltage of the A123 and 3S LiPo cells, I didn't want to use these for fear of doing harm to the motor. So there really wasn't any option open to me to fly Wiggy with an acceptable power system. Now personally I don't really mind, I am just happy to have had Wiggy for this time and been part of the project, but I am just letting you know that something is going to need to be done in the near future about this issue if Wiggy is going to stay in flyable condition "out of the box" for future pilots.

I don't know, maybe I did something wrong, but I really struggle to imagine what that would be. I just went through the recent flight log posts and hardly anyone mentions what battery they used so it is hard to compare. Did all of the previous Aussie guys all use the stock battery?


P.S. For the record, I am pretty sure now that the issue I experienced earlier with the ESC not arming on power up was actually not a problem with the ESC at all but is in fact a known caveat with the Spektrum radio where the RX fails to find the TX on startup if the TX is placed too close to the RX when it is turned on. Not sure why I haven't hit upon this issue before, but there it is. Since I have been mindful of this limitation I have not had any further problems.
Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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Name:	IMG_6863.JPG
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Name:	IMG_6864.JPG
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Hi guys,
who said Wiggy was lacking power? As far as i could see she was adequately powered for what she is. Sure, she could do with more power, but what couldn't? She was flown with a 2S 1800mah Zippy 20c lipo and cruised on just above half throttle with a reasonable climb out on full. She was even pushed through a rolling circle!

Was at the field this morning with my good friend John(Boomerang) so the both of us would fly her. Our club mates who were there were impressed with how far Wiggy had traveled and how many countries she had seen, with so many more to do.

1.Wiggy after I got her home and put her together
2.My cat Bella casting her approval over Wiggy
3.Wiggy at the field waiting for her flight next to my mates heli
4.Yours truly in front of our frequency board just before flight
5.Wiggy on a low fly by

I did take some video of Wiggy, but it won't play for some reason so I won' post that. All I can say is it has been great to be a part of Wiggy's fantastic journey around the globe. On to the next pilot.

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Well I was surprised when Mickey T called me to say he had Wiggy in his hot little hands. I signed up ages ago but dropped out when one of the participants became the self appointed keeper of Wiggy & commenced a magical mystery tour (good name for a song?) of the country. After being bombarded by his emails & skype calls it all became too much.

No such problem with Sam K personally doing the handover though, pointless posting her an hour away. I was impressed how good Wiggy was looking after her journey half way round the world.

I was concerned about Wiggy's reported lack of power but it flew just fine for a parky, I had the job flying her steady for the pics & Mickey handled the aerobatics, There will be no cobwebs in her for the next participant! Thanks to Mickey as well for doing the setup with his gear, all I had to do was drive!

I've printed up a couple of stickers for the log book & once Mickey sticks them in the pages she will be on her way again, may the winds be calm & the pilot's gentle with her, she still has quite a way to go.

It's been fun to be a (small) part of this adventure, thanks to Stinkweed & everyone else who have made it possible. John (Boomerang)
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Default Wiggy flies in Wellington

Gidday all,

Firstly apologies for the lack of news. The atrocious NZ weather, and in particular Wellington, has delayed things more than I had hoped. Today was finally the day to get airborne. This afternoon turned out fine and still at long last and it was off to my local park, after doing some pictures at home.
Takeoff was a bit dodgy, but after a couple of minutes I gained some height, got the trims sorted and had Wiggy swooping over my little corner of Wellington. Even my landing was a goodie - the Wiggy gods were smiling

Wiggy is now packed away again and I'll just have to find out who is next on the list (Velojet??) and head off to the post office.

Pictures of Wiggy (with temporary NZ pilot in situ ) attached. The pictures of the flight are on a friends camera and will follow shortly. Even our hangar cat had to get in on the act

Cheers all,

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Gosh, thanks for all the compliments on my Wiggy/Pearse video, chaps - much appreciated.

My official Project Globetrotter flight log video is quite a different story - literally. I'm very interested to know what you make of it:

WIGGY WINS OUT from John Velojet

Accident investigation solves mystery plunge

A report has just been released by the AAAAAAA (Auckland Air Accident And Anomalies Analysis Authority) on the abrupt termination of the Auckland flight of the globetrotting aircraft WG1. Popularly known as 'Wiggy', WG1 suddenly plunged to earth as it was in level flight and in relatively calm conditions (see press photo below).

The AAAAAAA report completely clears the pilot of any blame and similarly finds that WG1 itself was not at fault. The failure lay in the local radio equipment fitted to WG1 for the purpose of the flight. Exhaustive tests have conclusively shown that channel one of the receiver, which controls the ailerons, failed catastrophically, causing the ailerons to lock in a left banking position, thus initiating a downward spiral.

"We fitted original Art-Tech equipment in the interest of authenticity", states the flight controller, Capt. John Velojet. "But we have learnt our lesson. In any future global flight of this nature, we will choose reliability over authenticity."

The report dismisses assertions by conspiracy theorists that a local dragon sculpture exerted a malevolent influence on WG1 (an aircraft of Wing Dragon type) as "fanciful in the extreme".

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Thumbs up

OH!!!! no bad news!!!! oh no!!!!

The bad news is:!!!! I finally have to let go of Wiggy, cuz I flew it today hahhahah. Sorry for the noobie laugh! hahahha..

Man I hope all of you can feel the happiness with me. I haven't flown for over a year and today I picked up the radio again and felt this primal need down my spine. It seems I still know what I am doing. Let me start from the beginning.

1. I didn't sleep before the flight, I stayed up all night fixing computer, cable management and stuff. Headed straight to the fields without testing channel 1.

Arrived with Jeff, my flying buddy who brought his geebee (the big one http://www.flickr.com/photos/bronney/3035186482/). He did a few while I am fixing Wiggy up and noticed both sides of the channel 1 are jacks and not plugs and I was thinking OH NOES!!!!

I know I had to fly it, it's the only good day I've had since getting the plane, with a video buddy and < 12km/h wind. What I did was I demolex the wing servos, and cut and splice the Y-adapter, spliced, and taped (see attachment). Scary isn't it.

Trimmed on the ground and off we go. Rog, failed. 50% EPA on channel 3 seems not enough so I boosted it up to 70%. Pick up, adjust wing, rog, weeee! I am flying! The eye trim on the ground makes wiggy rolls right, and the taxi already trimmed the rudder. So I was trimming 20 feet off ground like a pro hehe. Got her all trimmed up and landed in the only patch of grass on the runway lol. You will see in the vid later, Jeff's busy converting it and sending to me.

After landing, I was so pumped I couldn't think. So I rested while he does his 3D thing. He improved a lot since I last met him a year ago. I was about to call it a day cuz you know, really don't want to crash Wiggy. But then Jeff goes hey! what a good day, give it another flight. Btw, I adjusted the cog with a piece of rock in the nose. Very handy. I find Wiggy tail heavy even with the 1700mAh 11.1 in front.

Also, the binding issue was solved by:

1. moving the guide ring towards the front as suggested, which clear stab brace.

2. use the middle hole of the rudder horn so it clears the stab screw.

Anyway I gave her another flight, and man I was so pumped and happy, did I mention I didn't sleep the night before? I am so happy because I didn't crash her, the planes I used to fly were all slow landing ones. This one is the first one that I had to unleash my years of simming experience and it still looked like an emergency landing :P but it was all worth it.

What I need to do in the coming few days:

1. buy a new Y-adapter.
2. flight log, wing signature.
3. pack it nice and neat.
4. get addy from Tim, quote, and send it off.

I will be missing her.

Hey peeps!! here's the vid Jeff help took He made me look good, it wasn't as smooth on the sticks hehehe:

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Here's where we stand......

went to Jim's tonite and we inspected the airplane, found the rudder servo has stripped gears....the aft bulkhead that holds servo tray broken....esc was working intermitten..y harness missing both end connectors..

We replaced both rudder and elevator servos. Repaired the bulkhead...had to make new servo tray because new servos slightly larger than old ones. Installed new y-harness..and replaced esc.

all systems seem to be working now....

On Friday we plan on finishing the installation and doing some glide testing..hopefully WEATHER permitting we can fly this weekend.

We are still having heavy showers and higher than normal winds.

Weather seems to be the only hold factor at this time. We're smart enuf to not fly her in 50mph winds...

Yes indeed, Wiggy flew in the USA today!

In between rain storms the wind went down and we managed a great flight. Pictures to follow also a video was taken.

I need to know where Wiggy needs to go so I can send it on.

We have to wait a few days for Video, but here's some stills:

Good Stuff right here fellas.....

The Wiggy has flown the aloha skies!


Hircflyer's video. on Youtube

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I flew Wiggy at the Infamous Hodges Hobbies and the South Eastern Electric Flight Festival. She took to the sky on April 30th late in the afternoon.

It was not as good a flight as I had hoped as the wind was crazy and it was only forecast to get worse the rest of the week with wind and rain, (which it did). Either I got the setup wrong or something was amiss with the plane as it continually wanted to roll right. Paul, PD1, was there with me a can attest to the fact that we tried everything to get her to fly straight. She just wouldn't cooperate. It was a less than stellar landing that very well could qualify as a crash. Well it was a crash, period. She did make several circuits around the field however and a lot of folks got to take a look at her and peruse the log book. A lot of good interest was shown in the project.

Repairs have been completed, and she is ready for a flight here. I am going to make sure all is right with her tomorrow afternoon at my club before sending her on. to Pat in AZ

Anyway, no Air shots as Paul was a bit busy trying to help me get her to fly right. The pic I have here is of me holding her in front of the SEFF banner at Hodges Hobbies.

Pictures! I forgot the pictures!!!:o

Take Wiggy to work day, Visiting Langley Air Force Base
Attachment 100473

Getting her ready, and no I was not kicking her!
Attachment 100474

Attachment 100475

Takeoff, Firemanbill flies her, and yeah, I was nervous after what happened at SEFF!
Attachment 100476
Attachment 100477

Frank has a turn
Attachment 100478
Attachment 100479

Our names on the wing
Attachment 100480
Attachment 100481

Relieved to have had it gone so well!
Attachment 100483
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It was sure a blast to fly the little plane around and I will admit, I was nervous about the flight. I certainly didn't want to crash it.

The weather held up just long enough so we could get a flight in. No kidding, it started to rain right after we took the plane off the runway to snap a couple after flight photos.

The plane handled really well after Bill's repairs. We both had super smooth landings on the asphalt runway even with a angled cross wind.

I was so glad that the rain held off and we got the chance to fly Wiggy so the plane could get off to Pat as soon as possible.

Thanks for allowing me to join in the adventure.


PS Pics to follow.

Great pics Bill!

Here are the ones I had on my camera. The battery had to charge up. Good thing it lasted although I still curiuos about the ones that didn't take.

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Default Mesa AZ, USA - 16 May 2009 (+ h8tobu)

[Ed.: Posted by Qrome] ... a short video from the air to air flight. Sure had fun, things like this are great for the hobby!
http://vimeo.com/4683536 (high quality)



OK, you've seen the video, now it's time for the full flight report. I received Wiggy from Fireman Bill via UPS on the morning of May 15th. I quickly opened the box and inspected Wiggy for any damage. As previously reported, everything survived the cross country trip from Virginia to Arizona.

Once satisfied of the condition, I assembled Wiggy to ensure she would be ready to go the next morning. Assembly was very simple and took about 15 minutes all together. I installed my RX (an XPS 6-ch parkflyer RX) and attached a battery to check for proper control surface and motor operation. It seemed one of the aileron servos was off as it had some down deflection with the other servo at neutral. But I simply detached the servo arm and reset it on the next notch, and that seemed to do the trick. Here is the equipment I used:

JR XP9303 converted to 2.4GHz using XPS
XPS 6-ch RX
Zippy Rhino 3S 1350 25C lipo

I was unable to get Wiggy to CG on the wing spar using the single 1350 lipo, so my plan was to do as Bill had done and add another 1350 in the nose for weight. But since I had a parallel connector, I though why not go ahead and use both batteries together since they were in there.

I arrived at the Arizona Wingnutz field around 7:30am Saturday morning (the 16th) and got Wiggy all set up for her first flight. Thomas ("h8tobu") was also there as he was next in line to fly. I hooked my lipos in parallel and plugged in, but got no response from the ESC. I discoonected and plugged a single battery in and everything worked fine. My connector must be bad, so I swapped out for an XPS 2200 3S 30C lipo instead.

I plugged in, lined Wiggy up on the runway, and with David's ("Qrome") AP plane in trail I took off. She got into the air much more quickly than I had anticipated, and she needed lots of down trim (probably could have used a little more forward CG). But after she got trimmed out she was flying nicely. I did 4 or 5 circuits around the field so that David could get some air-to-air video, and one other camera person could get some stills.

I then brought her in for landing, and hit a little harder than I wanted too. But all it did was bend the LG out some. A quick bend back and she was good to go. I then handed my radio to Thomas for his flight. He took off and only got about two circuits in, then the motor died. He was high enough to be able to circle around and bring her in for a nice greaser landing (he wanted to show off that he could do it better than me). Initially we thought he hit LVC, but it turns out the motor finally burned out. But this is no problem as I have a few SP480 motors on hand from my old ParkZone warbirds and will swap one into Wiggy. If I have two of them, I will include the other for future use if needed (I have no use for them).

So that ended the flights for the day. I've had family in town all wekend so I've not had the chance to work on her, but I will in the next few days. Also, when I was removing the rubber bands holding on the wing, the rear support snapped off. I will replace this with a wooden dowel that I will then hotglue in place. Other than that, she is still in fine condition.

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Quick Reply: Project Globetrotter Flight Log

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