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YourElectricAirplaneModel Motor Gearbox Propeller Battery ESC Flight Time Name/Comments Howlonghaveyoubeeninrcflight? FlyerStatus What is your exact forum username? Whichforum? Doyouhaveaninstantmessenger,ifsowhichone.Again,contactinfoisonlyifsomeonehasaquestionaboutyoursetup.What is your exact instant messenger screen name? BatteryTypeusedinthemodelyoujustentered Battery Voltage Battery Capacity Motorruns 49"w/sKatanaProfileS/BTurnigy 3536C 1100kvNone, dont like them - Direct Driveapc 12x62350mah 3 cell 25C 3 RhinoTurnigy 40 amp8 to 10 minsCHELLIEDirect DriveVertical Flight Advanced or Oldtimer Cessna 182 Skylane 41" WS from Nitroplanes.comTurnigy 2209/28 1088kv 125wa wha?APC 9x4.7 slo flyZippy 1000 3s 20cTurnigy Plush 18a12-13min of easy crusin with some aerobatics thrown inAUW is approx 17oz with the 1000 battery. Has flown with as much as 2100mah 3s battery but an increase in weight makes it want to land fastDirect Drive Intermediate Wrench66Wattflyer & RCGMicrosoft MessengerWrench66LiPo11.1V1000mahCoolGWSSlowStickMamba 20mm, 4200kv Brushless MotorGWS 350-DAPC 1170SFTanic 3S-1550 Popsracer GWSSlowStickAON 2415-4900kv Brushless MotorMPI-D ratio aluminum gearboxGWS 1080SF3S-2100 35-40 minutesPopsracer GWSSlowStickHacker A20-20L APC 10/4/7 slow flyTP 1320 mAh 3-cell Pro LiteCC Phoenix 25 SC RMac GWSSlowStickTowerPro 2409-18 Motor/ESC comboCHELLIE recommends a 11x4.7 prop9*4.7, 8*6, 8*4.7... GWS EP3S 1500 to 2100Motor/ESC combo - change motor choice from 2408-21 to 2409-18 Rampman GWSSlowStickHimax 2015-41006.6:1 ratio gearAPC 11x7 slo-fly prop1500mah 3 cell TrueRCCool Runnings A-12 (12A continuous and 18A surge10 amps static at 110 wattsAhawk GWSSlowStickBM2410-9Y Direct Drive Brushless Motor+15A Controller Package $22.90Direct DriveGWS 12x8 prop.Thunderpower 3S2100 lipo.Towerpro 15 amp Glacier Girl GWSSlowStickBP 8Y (BM 2410-08) CD Rom Outrunner $12.50 1047 slow flyLipo or NiMh GWSSlowStickEsskay motor sold at Hobby Lobby $20 9X3.8 prop2100 3 cell LiPo Godwhacker GWSSlowStickEflite Park 450 Outrunner 12-6 prop1320 to 2100 3 cell lipo35 amp Crash549 GWSSlowStickAxi 2208/34 brushless outrunner 7.4V 1320 mAh LiPo 30 minutes GWSSlowStickHobby Lobby Esskay 400XT 9X3.8SF APC (for a tamer performance use 10X3.8SF prop)G/P 900mil 11.1V Li-PosG/P SS-12 ESCClimbs almost vertically while delivering better than 18oz of thrust. Motor mount adapter is an E-Flite EFLM1915 stck motor mount.qban_flyer GWSSlowStick GWSSlowStick GWSSlowStick GWSSlowStickEsskay 400XT 9x4.7 APC SF8 cell 1000mA NiMH Twmaster GWSSlowStickE-flite Park 370 brushlessE-flite 5:33:1 gearboxAPC 10x4.7 prop1150 Nimh 7 cell packTakeoff at half-throttle in about 5 feet. Flight duration about 20 minutes GWSSlowStickPark 480 Eflite out-runnerDirect Drive9.7.5 apclipo 2s 900mha 15c (mystry lipo , off deal extreame)Castle Creations 18 Amp ESC10 - 15 minutes (hard flying)batt comes down with 7.40 to 7.50 ,, batt is on its 130 charge, the batter is a mystry lipo ,, off deal extream they are only 8 dollars shipped from china ,, i cant tell u just how good thes are , i use it to fly my space scooter too ,, and i use a ferio motor ,, ,, iam finding out more and more it weight that is the key with power set upsDirect Drive Intermediate http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/member.php?u=103902www.rcgroups.com LiPo7.2V900 mAh GWSSlowStick GWSSlowStick GWSSlowStickhimax 2025-42006.6:112x8 apc e2100 15C 3 cellCC 25 ampup to 45 minutes(me?) aviatordave GWSSlowStickSK400XTDirect Drive10x4.7SF or 9x4.7SFA123 3SP120A Generic20-30 MinsDan_K GWSSlowStickAxi 2212-34Direct Drive11x8 GWS HD3s Tanic 1550Phoenix 2520+ minutes cruisingDr Kiwi GWSSlowStick2409-18Direct Drive10/4.73-cell 1000mAh25 Mag8-10Min's ( lots of WOT)stevecooper GWSSlowStick2410-09YDirect DriveGWS EP10473SP1 2200 mAh 20 CPower Up 20 Amp~15 Minutes GWSSlowStickBrushed stock 400 system GWS 1060 propwattage 8 cell 1100 mah NiMH pack20 amp Dymond controller Xpress GWSSlowStickE-Max 2822 125W 10 x 53S This is my ideal at the momenttam popo GWSSlowStickbrushless at around 100 watts, low kva (700-900 range) 11 or 10x7 or 11-4.7 propThree cell LiPo of 1200-1500 maESC needs to be 18 amps or better John Canfield/The stock geared 400 GWS motor with NiCads is a pretty lame setup GWSSlowStick400 class motor with low kva (like an E-Flite park 400)Direct DriveAPC slow flyer 9 or 10-4.7 prop (with several spares - I don't like prop savers)two cell LiPos at 1320 ma (Thunderpower) to start with18 amp ESC (Thunderbird is a good one) that will accomodiate two or three LiPo cells John Canfield/As far as helping new people set up a SS, a good first setup with upgrade potential GWSSlowStick2410-09YDirect DriveGWS 11x4.7 SF or 11x7 GWS3S 2200mAh 20C LiPoWOW 30 Amp ESC15 min +BatteriesIncluded/ I have data on power system w/ both props if interested GWSSlowStickGW/EPS-400C-DS/BBGWS 3.00:1GWS 10 x 6 Slow Flyer PropellerLiPo 2200mAh 3S1P 20CWatt Age IC-1530+ min.Marauderer GWSSlowStickhacker a30 11x4.7thunderpower 2200castle pheonix 25 david/killer setup GWSSlowStick(Modified)Himax 2015-41006.6:1 GWS D12x6 apc eLipoPhoenix 2525+...bill Vertical Flight Advanced or Oldtimer GWSSlowstickGWS EPS400i (6.3:1) Retimed6.3GWS 12x8 HD3s2000 battLipoany 10 amp or greaterDeaninMilwwaukee/ up to 1 hour Advanced or Oldtimer GWSZeroHimax 4200Kv Inrunner5.6:1 Himax9" x 6" APC SFLipoCastle Creations T-Bird 1812 minutesSky Sharkster Advanced or Oldtimer HobbyZoneSuperCubE-Flite Six Series Inrunner 2000KvStock 3:110x8 or 11x7 E-FliteZippy 1300 20C LipoTurnigy 30A Plush8-13 depending on throttleJason, can fly with 5.0oz camera @ 32oz all up and almost go verticle. No problem without camera Capable of Vertical FlightIntermediate 1320FastbackRC Groups, Wattflyer, Electric Aircraft Universe LiPo11.1V1300CoolNitroplanesFW190rtfTurnigy 2217/16 225w capablezilch, direct driveMaster Airscrew 9x6 OR GWS 9x7.5Rhino 1750 3s 20c from Hobby CityTurnigy Plush 30aWith lots of full throttle low passes approx 8-9minWrench66, trash the stock brushed-gearboxed-NihM setup and go straight to a 200w brushless-3s lipo setup. The AUW is right at 22oz and this plane will glide in deadsticked like a slow trainer. Keep the weight as low as possible.Direct DriveCapable of Vertical FlightAlmost a year, Jan 08 Wrench66www.wattflyer.comMicrosoft MessengerWrench66LiPo11.1V1750mahWarmScratchBuilt--DeltaTtailTurnigy 2209/26 1130kv 125wzilch, direct driveGWS 8x6 black OR APC 8x6 slo fly for unlimited verticalZippy 500 3s 20cSuper Simple 20a7-8min of fun type aerobatic flight : loops, rolls, inverted, harriers, split-s and immelmans!AUW is 11oz, made of 9mm Depron with a unique DC-9 style rear stabilizer. Can easily do very slow float-by's or can really get with it at WOTDirect DriveCapable of Vertical FlightIntermediate Wrench66Wattflyer & RCGMicrosoft MessengerWrench66LiPo11.1V500mahWarmScratchBuilt--SupermarineSpitfireMK24bluefoamprofileTurnigy 2209/26 1130kv 125wnope, no coffee grinder GWS 8x6 blackZippy 500 3s 20cSuper Simple 20a7-8min of fun pattern type, aerobaticAUW is less than 12ozDirect DriveCapable of Vertical FlightIt will be a year Jan 09 Wrench66Wattflyer & RCGMicrosoft MessengerWrench66LiPo11.1V500mahCoolSebArtSakohi50eExtreme Flight 4014T/570 15 x 8eLipoAirBoss 80A12 MinuteDavid LivingstonDirect DriveVertical Flight Advanced or Oldtimer SebArtSakohi50eExtreme Flight 4014T/570 15 x 8eLipoAirBoss 80A12 MinuteDavid LivingstonDirect DriveVertical Flight Advanced or Oldtimer SlowStickTP 2410-9ynaGWS 1047LipoWOW RC 20aVaries/15min. Direct Drive Newbie in RC flight STModelTyphoon430ST2025-2500N/A5X5.251000mAh 15C Li-po12A BL ESC15 mins Direct DriveCapable of Vertical FlightAdvanced or Oldtimer LiPo11.1V1000mAh 15CWarm
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