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Beginners New to e-power flying? Get the low down in here from experienced e-power RC pilots!

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Old 11-25-2011, 11:27 AM   #1
plastic northerner
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Default New to all this

Hi everyone,
All this rc model flying is new to me
After taking early retiring I decided to get myself a hobby, I have always liked watching rc model planes flying at the park near to me, so asking around at what would be the best plane to start with I got myself a Sky Climber The Motor is 1050kv and it should have a 30A ESC But its a 20A,? the shop I got the plane is no help at all, he just keeps saying Cars and Trains are hes thing, so after going over and over the forum trying to find an answer my head is now just spinning, I have been told to get a 40A ESC to be on the safe side, But what one, what do it all mean? Sorry if my questions sound stooped

Continuous Current: 40A
Burst Current (>10s): 55A
BEC Mode: Linear
BEC Output: 5V2A
BEC Output Capability: 5 Servos (2S Lipo) / 4 Servos (3S Lipo)
Battery Cell: 2-3S (Lipo) / 5-9 cells (NiMH)

Any help please
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Old 11-25-2011, 12:35 PM   #2
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I found this thread on RC groups. It says that the stock motor draws 16 Amps maximum, so the 20 Amp ESC that came with the model should be perfectly ok... just go out any fly it... Try not to crash

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Old 11-25-2011, 01:32 PM   #3
plastic northerner
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Thanks for your help Steve, Appreciated.

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Old 11-25-2011, 01:48 PM   #4
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Welcome to RC flight! Check out this link posted on this forum by AJEAR:
It has TONS of information!

All of my landings are three point landings if you count the spinner, too
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Old 11-25-2011, 02:50 PM   #5
Child of the 60s
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Hi and welcome to a great hobby and a great site where you will find all sorts of nice folks willing to offer you help and advice!
I'm no expert - a couple of years experience now, but here's a little info, I'm sure there will be plenty more folks with better knowledge and explanations than I can give you.

Your planes electronics (lets exclude the radio gear for now) consists of:
Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

How much current your motor will draw is dependent on a few variables but the most important variable factor for most folks is the size (and pitch) of the propellor you fit.
Often when you buy a motor the seller will have a recommended range of prop sizes that can be run with it.
Props have 2 sizes marked on them - diameter and pitch. Increasing either of these will add extra load to your ESC.
Generally speaking you don't want to be fitting big props on high KV motors, trying to pull too many amps through your ESC can fry the ESC and damage everything else!
If in doubt always go for an ESC that is over rated, they're pretty small and light these days so you probably can go up in size without suffering too much of a weight increase. Make sure that air can flow over the ESC to help dissipate any heat build up. Also buy yourself a wattmeter! That will tell you the current being drawn by your motor and you can experiment with different propellors until you find one that suits your requirement for speed or torque and be sure that it's within your ESCs limits.

The rating on your motor is 1050 KV. That simply means that for every volt you put through it the motor will revolve 1050 times each minute (assuming no propellor is fitted). So therefore if you run a 3S battery (3 x 3.7V) you will be supplying your motor with 11.1V. 11.1V x 1050KV = 11,655rpm

Batteries come in various S configurations, S = Cells so a 3S battery has 3 cells at 3.7V each giving a total of 11.1V
The higher the "C" rating the more current the battery can deliver so a 1000mAh (1 amp) 20C Battery can deliver 20 x 1 amp = 20 amps continuously. Cells also have a "Burst" rating which is higher than their "C" rating - this is the amount of current that can be pulled for SHORT bursts!

Hope this has been of some use!


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Old 11-26-2011, 10:45 AM   #6
plastic northerner
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Hi all

many thanks Davethebluessinger, for the first time an explanation that even I can understand, I will be printing this reply and keeping It save.

Many thanks Dave,

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Old 11-26-2011, 11:35 AM   #7
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Hi Ron and Welcome to Wattflyers Just keep asking questions, this e power takes a little learning, you will get used to it I must have drove everyone crazy here when i first learned a bout e power by asking lots of questions but i learn Quick, Know What Ron come to think of it, I think i still drive them Crazy Around here LOL, I dont know where your located at, but if you are in the USA, Check out Heads up Rc, Lots of people here use heads up RC, Jeff is one of the best in the buisness, he has great prices, shipping is only $2.00 for 1 item or 100 items, its only $2.00, Jeff ships fast too, if you need advice on a power system, you can e mail or call him, and he will get you the proper info or parts that you need, also if you look at his motor web pages, it has the motors with prop, esc, battery and esc recomendations, i used HURC motor pages all the time to properly set up a power system with, Tell Jeff that Chellie sent you





I may be getting Older, But I Refuse to grow Up I am Having to much Fun to Grow Up LOL
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Old 11-28-2011, 02:30 PM   #8
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Hi Ron,
I am 80 1/2 yrs old and just last year got into this RC stuff myself. I had messed with small gliders and free flight rubber motor planes when i was much younger, (much).

If you don't have someone who can spend a lot of time with you to help you learn like on a buddy box, I would suggest getting a RC flight sim for your computer. I d/l/d FMS from the internet and have learned a lot from it. There are other commercial ones for sale like Real Flight which I tried for a while. I really believe I learned as much from FMS and the price is right. Bottom line... there is NO substitute for hands on a real transmitter flying a REAL plane up in the air.

As for getting the right hardware for a plane, Chellie is right. Heads Up RC is very helpful, has a good selection of parts, great prices and reasonable shipping.

If you want to try building, Stevens Aero, Radical RC and Mountain Models on the internet have great kits. Just search on these names for their sites. They are all great to do business with.

Best of luck on this hobby and come back here often. There are great folks here who are anxious to help with YEARS of experience.

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Old 12-22-2011, 10:40 PM   #9
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